iPad Pilot News year in review—2021

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Over a decade after the iPad’s introduction, aviation continues to be a poster child for the power and flexibility of the world’s best-selling tablet. From student pilots in Cessna 172s to airline captains in Boeing 787s, the electronic flight bag has moved from a curiosity to an essential aviation tool. The revolution continued in 2021: the year saw major updates from Apple in both hardware and software, plus plenty of news from app developers and accessory manufacturers. Here are some of the biggest stories we followed.

News from Apple and FAA

New FAA guidance defines the role of iPad apps in preflight weather briefings

Pilot’s guide to iOS 15 and iPadOS 15

Pilot report: flying with the new iPad mini 6

What’s the best iPad for pilots—2021 buyer’s guide

Should you buy an iPad with built-in GPS?

Flight simulators are red hot

How to connect ForeFlight to Microsoft Flight Sim

Garmin Pilot adds Microsoft Flight Simulator support

The best flight simulator apps for iPad—if you’re a pilot

New apps hit the market

Sporty’s E6B app is all-new for 2021

AOG Alerts app helps pilots get help with maintenance issues

JumpSeat app offers crowd-sourced aviation alerts

App updates from major app developers

ForeFlight—new maps sidebar, augmented procedures, 3D obstacles, 3D airport markers

Garmin Pilot—visual NOTAMs, Stratus 3 support

Pilot Training app updates—new test prep tools, 2022 features, CarPlay support

CloudAhoy—multitasking and flight path vector

Ranking the top apps

Top 20 apps for pilots—2021 edition

Top 10 apps for student pilots

Top 10 weather apps for pilots

Apps for turbine pilots

ForeFlight vs. Garmin: which mobile app is best for you?

Don’t forget the basic tips

Storage almost full? Here’s how to free up space on your iPad

Tips for charging your iPad before flight and in the cockpit

How to scan documents into your favorite aviation app