Seattle Avionics FlyQ EFB 3.0 adds flight recording and augmented reality

Seattle Avionics released a major update to their FlyQ EFB app earlier in the week, which adds new flight recording and augmented reality (AR) functionality. Here's a quick look at these new features and how to use them.
RadarScope app

7 best weather apps for pilots

There are thousands of weather apps for the general public, from free to quite expensive. These are great for deciding whether you need a jacket tomorrow, but when it comes to aviation weather--looking at thunderstorms, ice, turbulence, visibility and so much more--these apps just aren't enough. So we'll focus on apps that offer more for pilots, both free and paid.

New Precision Altimeter app available

Radiant Technologies recently released a new Precision altimeter app for iPhone/iPad that uses the pressure sensor in your phone to display an accurate indication of your altitude and vertical speed in flight.

Sporty’s updates Study Buddy pilot training apps

Sporty's Study Buddy test prep apps were recently updated with a new, modern interface designed for the latest Apple devices, including the iPhone X and iPad Pro. The update adds hundreds of new questions, answers, and explanations written by the CFIs at Sporty's Academy to provide an efficient way to study for the FAA knowledge tests.

Updated LiveATC app makes it easy to get your aviation fix anywhere

Whether you're listening to the Fisk arrival at Oshkosh, enjoying the local flavor at Beijing Tower, or just learning proper phraseology from your nearest center frequency, makes it easy to listen to real pilots and controllers almost anywhere in the world. While the website has been around for many years, the company's app for iPad and iPhone recently received an overhaul.
Fltplan Go Garmin

FltPlan Go Now Supports Garmin ADS-B Weather and Traffic Receivers

Riding on a current wave of impressive updates, popular flight planning and navigation app FltPlan Go has introduced another major new feature. Users can now see weather and traffic on their iPad via Garmin’s line of portable ADS-B receivers and Garmin Flight Stream.

Never miss an altitude assignment with the AltitudeAlert app

The AltitudeAlert app delivers the functionality of an altitude preselect and alerting system in the form of a convenient iPad and iPhone app. Best of all it'll quickly get your attention should you inadvertently deviate from an ATC assigned altitude.

5 things to look for in the newest version of ForeFlight

When ForeFlight first launched over 10 years ago, the app was designed for one device: the iPhone, with its 3.5" screen. Now the app can be found on a huge variety of Apple devices, from 4" iPhones to 13" iPads. Making one app look good on all those devices is a serious challenge, but it's on that ForeFlight has tackled in a big way with version 9.5.

Plane Finder 3D app adds augmented reality aircraft view

Plane Finder recently released a new 3D version of their popular flight tracking app that takes advantage of Apple's new ARKit technology. This allows you to use your iPhone or iPad to move around any airspace in the world and view live air traffic in a dynamic 3D environment.

Dust off your iPad’s podcast app and learn something new

There's a good chance you have a very useful app currently installed on your iPhone or iPad that you didn't know existed, which delivers new aviation content daily to your devices. Here we'll show what it can do and how to take advantage of it as a pilot.