Sporty’s E6B app is all new for 2021

Sporty's recently released an all-new version of their popular E6B app for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. The app includes an all-new design optimized for the latest iOS devices and new features like dark mode, iCloud sync, weight and balance and more.

The best flight simulator apps for iPad (if you’re a pilot)

Mention "flight simulator" right now and most pilots will think of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator, but not everyone has a Windows computer that's powerful enough to run MSFS, and sometimes you only have time for a quick sim session. For those reasons—and many more—there is still a thriving market in iPad-based flight simulators. Here are our top two choices.

Video tip: How to use the ForeFlight map weather layers

Do you know the difference between base and composite radar reflectivity, enhanced vs. infrared satellite imagery, or how to interpret the icing forecast layers in ForeFlight? Our latest video tip explains it all.

Top iPad accessories for pilots – 2021 gear roundup

The iPad makes a great all-in-one cockpit tool, combining maps, flight planning, weather, documents, and so much more. That doesn't mean it stands on its own, though. A few carefully chosen accessories can make it so much more powerful and easy-to-use. Here's our updated list of the accessories you should consider, and our top recommendations.

How to use CloudAhoy’s new ILS debriefing function

The latest CloudAhoy update adds new debriefing tools for instrument pilots to analyze and score the performance of ILS approaches. Here's a look at how it works and to use it after your next flight.

Overlooked iPad settings to consider before flying

The iPad Settings app offers a dizzying array of options, from changing privacy options to adjusting screen brightness. As we've covered before, we think a quick preflight inspection of your iPad is a good idea, but there are a few more obscure settings that some pilots might also want to review. Here are three we've learned about the hard way.

iOS Update Green Light program: iOS and iPadOS 14.3

Apple recently released iOS and iPad OS 14.3 for iPhone and iPad. iOS 14.3 brings the ProRAW camera format to the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max, and introduces support for Apple Fitness+, Apple's latest workout service. It also includes support for Ecosia, a new search engine option, and allows apps created with Shortcuts to launch more quickly.

Quiz: Flying IFR with ForeFlight

Are you an active instrument pilot currently flying with the ForeFlight app? Take our latest quiz to test your knowledge on some of ForeFlight's advanced capabilities.
Bluetooth settings

Can you connect two Bluetooth devices to your iPad at one time?

Bluetooth, once a cutting edge technology, is now woven into the fabric of daily life, from the kitchen to the car. As simple as it seems, though, Bluetooth can actually get pretty complicated, especially if you're trying to pair your iPad to multiple devices. Let's explore what the limitations are, and what a typical setup can support.
Dual XGPS150A GPS for iPad

What’s the best external GPS for my iPad?

External iPad GPSs were one of the first accessories to appear for the iPad. Initially, there were very few options for pilots, but the market rapidly expanded and now there are more choices than ever. How do you pick the right one? Let's survey the market.