Video review: Scout vs. Stratus 2S ADS-B receivers

What's the difference between the Scout and Stratus 2S portable ADS-B receivers for ForeFlight? Both offer subscription-free weather and traffic, but there are major differences in features and price. We go flying with both to explain how they compare.

5 things to look for in the newest version of ForeFlight

When ForeFlight first launched over 10 years ago, the app was designed for one device: the iPhone, with its 3.5" screen. Now the app can be found on a huge variety of Apple devices, from 4" iPhones to 13" iPads. Making one app look good on all those devices is a serious challenge, but it's on that ForeFlight has tackled in a big way with version 9.5.

iOS Update Green Light program: iOS 11.2.1

Apple recently released iOS 11.2.1, which includes a series of bug fixes to the recent iOS 11.2 release. As with all iOS updates, we strongly suggest that you hold off on updating your devices until your aviation app and accessory developers have time to test compatibility with the new software.

iOS 11 tips and tricks for pilots

iOS 11 includes thousands of tweaks and new features as part of the update. Here we'll take a look at some of the less-known additions that will allow you to further customize your iPad experience.

Tips for flying with the iPad at night

Using the iPad at night brings some additional benefits to your flying, but also can introduce new challenges. Here we'll cover a series of tips to help you maximize your experience when flying with the iPad at night.

Upgrade your iPad and pilot gear with these holiday specials

Do you have your eye on a new iPad, or possibly an ADS-B receiver for the cockpit? This is the best time of the year to find some great deals on the latest iPads and aviation accessories to take your electronic flight bag to the next level.

App update roundup: Aerovie and FltPlan Go

This past year has been an exciting one for iPad pilots, where we saw the release of the 10.5" iPad Pro from Apple, new ADS-B receivers and connected panel options and additions to aviation apps that continue to push their capabilities way beyond that of panel-mount avionics. Here we're going to look at the latest round of updates to two popular aviation EFB apps.

iPad Proficiency Check: How to fly like a pro with your iPad

The video recording of our latest webinar, iPad Proficiency Check and How to Fly Like a Pro with your iPad, is now available to view here. It includes a series of insightful recommendations, strategies and other tips that pilots of all experience levels should know when flying with the iPad.

What to buy an iPad Pilot this Christmas

Whether you're a pilot shopping for another aviation enthusiast or you're a non-pilot desperately trying to figure out what to buy the (slightly weird?) aviator on your list, iPad apps and accessories are a good bet. Here's our list of the top 10 things any iPad pilot would like this Christmas.

Top 12 tips for flying with Stratus

The Stratus ADS-B receiver has become the most popular weather receiver for the iPad. While the basics of operation are pretty simple, there are a few tips that can help you get the most out of your investment. Let's review the top 12 most helpful things we've learned after a few hundred hours flying with Stratus.