The New iPad Pro Is One Step Closer To A Full Fledged Computer

Since the iPad was first introduced in 2010, it has been marketed as a mobile consumer device. For the last several years we’ve seen signs of Apple attempting to consolidate their product lineup and...

LiveATC Air Radio adds new iOS 14 and audio features

The Live ATC Air Radio app provides a convenient method for listening to ATC audio feeds in a dedicated app for iPhone and iPad. The latest update adds a new improved interface and support for mixing ATC audio with other podcast and music apps.

How to debrief a circling approach with CloudAhoy

For most pilots, a circling approach is not a part of regular flying, so it's definitely worth practicing with a flight instructor. To get the most out of that practice session, we like to record our flights with a data logger (Stratus 3, Garmin G1000, etc.) and then use an app like CloudAhoy for a detailed debriefing. With some recent updates, it's easier than ever to grade your performance on those three key components.

Does Sentry work with FliteDeck Pro? Yes, but…

Airline pilots have rarely had access to ADS-B on their tablets, mostly due to app limitations and company restrictions. That is beginning to change with version 4.3.3 of Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro, the most popular app for airline pilots. FliteDeck Pro is powered by ForeFlight, and the partnership is obvious in the growing feature list, which now includes support for Sentry and Sentry Mini.

New FAA guidance defines role of iPad apps in preflight weather briefings

The FAA recently released a new Advisory Circular with practical advice on how to complete a self-weather briefing using the latest technology. Here's a review of what's included in the AC and key takeaways found in the new guidance.

Garmin Pilot adds Microsoft Flight Simulator integration

Garmin continues its rapid pace of updates in 2021, and the release of version 10.4 of its Pilot app is the latest evidence. This adds some nice updates to NOTAM map layers and preflight weather briefings, but the biggest news is full support for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Now you can fly an approach on your home sim and learn to use Garmin Pilot at the same time. Here's how it works.

Check airport status anywhere with Digital ATIS app

Wouldn't it be nice if you could check which runways and instrument approaches are in use at your destination airport before takeoff? Now you can right from your iPhone or iPad, thanks to the simple but effective ATIS app on the app store.

iOS Update Green Light program: iOS and iPadOS 14.4.2

Apple recently released iOS and iPad OS 14.4.2 and includes security updates for iPhone and iPad. As with any iOS release, we recommend holding off on updating until your app or accessory developer has had time to fully test compatibility with the new version.

How to use the Robust clamp mount in multiple locations

Finally, there is a universal solution that can provide more than one mounting option. The Robust Mount Yoke Clamp will fit almost any diameter of yoke shaft. The unique jaw design allows it to clamp down on tubes as small as 0.25”, yet still open wide enough for tubes up to 2” in diameter.

Video: ForeFlight advanced tips and new features (webinar recording)

Join ForeFlight's Phil Inman for an in-depth look at the latest features in aviation's top app, plus some advanced tips for safe flying. Topics include: daily weather forecasts, cloud layer, marked positions, new plate binder options, and more.