It’s finally here! Apple releases new iPad Mini

Today Apple unveiled the new 5th generation iPad Mini and a new 10.5" iPad Air. The new Mini 5 is identical in size to previous models but includes Apple's powerful A12 bionic processor, the same chip used in the latest iPhone XS and XR models. Here we'll review what all is new with the Mini 5, along with the new iPad Air, to help decide which model is best for your next upgrade.
Suction cup iPad mount

Robust Mounting Systems – a simple, affordable new mount option

Still searching the perfect mount for your phone or iPad that won’t break the bank? A good mounting system normally costs anywhere from $60 to over $200. Fortunately, a new option is now available with some good-performing mounts starting around $30 for a complete kit. 

Garmin Pilot: further integration with and new FBO fees

The latest version of Garmin Pilot is now available for download, and like with most updates from Garmin, includes exclusive features you won't find in any other app. Version 9.6 extends Garmin's integration of's trip planning features, adds FBO fees for various services, engine alerts and new map customization options.
Webinar slide

Video: tips for flying with datalink weather on the iPad

Datalink weather has the potential to make your flying safer and more comfortable - but only if you know how to use it properly. Join iPad Pilot News contributor John Zimmerman for an in-depth look at ADS-B, SiriusXM and how to use them in flight. The webinar recording includes over an hour of practical tips for pilots of all levels.
Boeing ForeFlight

Boeing buys ForeFlight – what comes next?

ForeFlight, the scrappy software startup that grew into an aviation powerhouse over the last 10 years, has officially made it to the flight levels. Boeing announced today that the $100 billion airplane maker is buying the Houston-based app company for an undisclosed sum.

Poll results: What is your next iPad upgrade?

Check out the results from our latest iPad Pilot News survey and see which iPad model is in most demand among pilots.

WingX updated with new moving map and Stratus 3 support

WingX Version 9.0 is now available, adding a new faster moving-map engine, improved chart downloads and AHRS support for the Stratus 3 ADS-B receiver.
Jepp FliteDeck Pro X

A look inside the new Jeppesen FlightDeck Pro X app

ForeFlight and Jeppesen partnered back in 2017 to share expertise and knowledge in an effort to improve both the Jeppesen FlightDeck and ForeFlight apps for GA and airline pilots. Here's a look at the latest collaboration effort and how ForeFlight has brought elements of its popular GA app to Jeppesen FlightDeck Pro X app.

How do different sizes of iPad fit in an airplane?

Let’s consider seven different size devices in the same Cessna 172 cockpit to see what fits best. We mounted the iPads and iPhone in two ways: with a suction cup and with a yoke mount. We were able to mount nearly every device to the yoke with the exception of the new 12.9” iPad Pro 3rd Gen.

iPad essential tip: how to search your iPad for apps

Most pilots have a large number of apps on their iPads, often requiring 3 or more screens to store them all. Having the ability to organize them into folders is nice, but have you...