RAM iPad cradle

New mount options for the latest iPad models

Apple doesn't make it easy to understand which iPad you have right now. The latest line of tablets on offer includes no fewer than five confusingly-named models. Finding a mount or kneeboard that fits these new models can be equally confusing. Fortunately, there are good options for each of these five options, including a new one from RAM.
Flight Gear iPad battery pack

Top iPad accessories for pilots – 2020 gear roundup

The iPad makes a great, all-in-one cockpit tool, combining maps, flight planning, weather, documents and so much more. That doesn't mean it stands on its own, though. A few carefully chosen accessories can make it so much more powerful and easy-to-use. Here's our updated list of the accessories you should consider, and our top recommendations.
iPad Mini

How do different iPad models fit in an airplane?

Let’s consider seven different size devices in the same Cessna 172 cockpit to see what fits best. We mounted the iPads and iPhone in two ways: with a suction cup and with a yoke mount. We were able to mount nearly every device to the yoke with the exception of the 12.9” iPad Pro 3rd Gen.

Heads-up displays: what do pilots really want?

Since ADS-B receivers came out eight years ago, many pilots have been wondering what the next big thing would be. Might a less expensive HUD be the next addition to the electronic flight bag world?  We've been flying with various HUD ideas for years, and our short answer is: not yet. Here's why.

iPad Connected Panel Buyer’s Guide

More and more connected panel options are hitting the market, allowing you to wirelessly connect your iPad to panel-mount GPS and ADS-B receivers. Here's a rundown of all the aftermarket GA avionics options and mobile app compatibility with each.

Basic heads-up display offers inexpensive backup attitude

After flying with ever more expensive heads-up displays (HUDs), we recently tried the other end of the spectrum: an inexpensive, totally portable HUD that simply reflects a smartphone screen. It certainly isn't an F-35 HUD—not even close—but that might be why we liked it. 

How to choose the best GPS for your iPad

GPS position makes an iPad so much more useful in flight - moving maps, terrain alerts, and so much more become available. But how do you add GPS to your iPad? Does it already have one built in? What are the options for external receivers? We answer those questions and offer our two top choices.

New MyClip Multi kneeboard fits huge variety of tablets

An iPad kneeboard is one of the best investments you can make as a pilot, keeping your tablet secure and easy to read in flight. For many years, one of our favorite models was the MyClip, a simple but innovative leg strap that could accommodate wide variety of tablets. Now there's a new option, and it's even more universal.

New audio adapter delivers EFB alerts to any headset

In-flight audio alerts are a key safety feature in many aviation EFB apps, but they require your headset or intercom to have an audio input or Bluetooth to be used effectively. The new Stealth Audio Link aims to change that though, and allows pilots to quickly add audio connectivity to any headset, regardless of age.
PIVOT case exploded

PIVOT introduces new cases for iPad Mini and iPad Pro 11

The dizzying array of iPad models is mostly good for pilots—we have more choices than ever, at better prices than ever—but it's a nightmare for third party case designers. Keeping up with those changing sizes isn't easy, but the latest models from PIVOT are an excellent option for pilots and they fit two of the most popular iPads.