Sporty’s 2022 Pilot Training App adds new TV, test prep and audio training features

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Sporty’s Pilot Training app has helped tens of thousands of pilots earn their pilot certificate, add new ratings, learn how to use a wide variety of advanced avionics systems and get checked out in new aircraft types. The platform is famous for its relentless pace of innovation, bringing new content, new training tools, and technological enhancements every year.

Pilot Training offers pilots the ultimate flexibility in training, providing access to all of Sporty’s aviation courses on dedicated iPhone and iPad apps, an Android app, online and on the TV, using the included apps for AppleTV, FireTV, AndroidTV, Roku and Chromecast.

Sporty’s signature flight training app received another big update this month and includes Sporty’s 2022 Learn to Fly, Instrument Rating and Commerical Pilot Test Prep courses. In addition to new HD video content and updated FAA test prep questions, the app was updated with new audio training features, PowerStudy test prep enhancements, new TV apps and the ability to share progress with your flight instructor (check out the video at the end of this article to see all the features in action)

New video training

The heart of Sporty’s courses is dynamic HD video that puts the viewer in the airplane, supplemented by sophisticated 3D animations. No boring lectures or slideshows here—it’s all about real-world flying. The 2022 Learn to Fly Course continues this focus with plenty of new video, including all-new 4K video segments covering regular and special-use airspace, VFR cross-country flight planning with ForeFlight and how to use self-serve fuel systems at the FBO after landing. Plus, dozens of smaller updates include the latest technology and FAA regulation changes, so you’re always up-to-date.

Audio Training and Course Transcripts

While video continues to be the focus of the course, there are times when it’s not always practical to sit down and watch a video. To add some flexibility, Sporty’s added the option to listen to just the audio from each video segment, perfect for in the car or during workouts. The feature works just like your favorite music streaming or podcast app and will play each segment in the background through headphones or a connected bluetooth device.

And for those who prefer to read, the app also added the complete transcript for each video segment. This serves as a great review after watching or listening to each segment to help reinforce key concepts.

PowerStudy Test Prep

One of the top reasons students invest in a training course is to prepare for the FAA knowledge test. In addition to offering an industry-leading collection of over 1,000 proprietary questions, answers and explanations to study before the test, Sporty’s also provides the most comprehensive set of study tools to help make your preparation as focused and efficient as possible. In addition to being able to select specific categories of questions to study, students can now use a Question Search function to build a custom study session:

And now students can use the interactive Flashcard training interface for all session types, including Category, Random, Smart, Incorrect and Marked Question Study modes:

The Study History section of Sporty’s Test Prep was also redesigned with a useful new interface, providing quick access to previously graded sessions. New options allow users to review each session in its entirety, or start a new session based on answer criteria. The app also analyzes the results of each study session or practice test to help students zero in on weaker areas:

Every single answer also includes a detailed explanation and link to the specific FAA handbook or training guide, making each study session review a valuable learning event and not just rote memorization. Sporty’s continues to include an official test prep endorsement, available for instant delivery after a student completes all the video training and scores at least two practice test scores of 80% or higher.

New TV Apps

The best place to watch immersive 4K video is on your big screen TV, where you can really feel like you’re in the airplane during every segment. For 2022, Sporty’s added the popular Video Quiz feature to the AppleTV app, allowing you to test your knowledge of key topics after watching video segments in the courses:

Sporty’s also expanded support for additional smart TV platforms, adding a new Amazon Fire TV app, a new Android TV app, in addition to Roku and Chromecast support. Here’s a screen from the new FireTV app:

Your progress always stays in sync, whether you watch online, in the iOS/Android apps, or on your TV.

Updated FAA Library

Sporty’s Pilot Training app includes a comprehensive library of digital FAA handbooks and training guides in each course. These are displayed in the app using a powerful, integrated PDF viewer which allows you to find and study-specific content with ease. Each resource includes a table of contents, search function, bookmarking and annotations features. Sporty’s 2022 courses include the latest versions of each book, including the new Airplane Flying Handbook which was released last month.

How to get the courses

You can purchase access to any of the 25 aviation training courses right from Sporty’s website, including the 2022 Learn to Fly, Instrument Rating Course and Commercial Pilot Course. You’ll gain instant access to all the course platforms for one price. If you’ve already purchased one of these courses (both courses include lifetime updates), you just need to download the mobile app and sign in with your username/password or log in to Sporty’s Online Course Portal.

Each course purchase includes lifetime updates, allowing customers who previously purchased any of these courses to automatically receive the new features after updating to the latest version of the Pilot Training app.

Sporty’s also offers access to ALL its courses through the Pilot Training+ Membership program. After purchasing a monthly or annual subscription, you’ll have unlimited access to all the aviation courses Sporty’s offers, in addition to other benefits like free shipping and access to flight training scholarships. Pilot Training+ also includes lifetime access to Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course, even if you decide to end your subscription.

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