Video: hands-on with the Flight Outfitters iPad Desk

There are dozens of options for securing an iPad in the cockpit, but one of our favorite new options is the Flight Outfitters iPad Flight Desk. It combines a protective case, an in-flight organizer, and a flexible iPad kneeboard into one product. Pilots have the option to use it as a bi-fold flight desk, complete with a clipboard, or as a basic iPad leg strap. In this video, Sporty's Doug Ranly explains all the features.

ForeFlight Tip: Synthetic Vision and Glide Advisor

This week's tip takes a look at how to use ForeFlight's optional synthetic vision display in the app. This simulated view of the outside world displays ground features and terrain alongside the app's digital flight instruments.

Video: reviewing the new PIVOT A20A case

There are plenty of iPad cases to choose from, but most were not designed specifically for aviation so they're too bulky and cumbersome in tight cockpits. PIVOT is different. Designed by an airline pilot, this system combines a simple, robust case with a sleek mounting solution. In this video review, you'll see some of the innovative features on the latest model, the A20A.

Video: comparing the top 4 iPad kneeboards

Kneeboards have changed drastically over the last 15 years. Once used for charts and flight plan forms, kneeboards are now used to hold the most trusted navigational tool: an iPad, tablet, or phone. There are more options than ever, ranging from very basic to deluxe, so the decision can be a difficult one. In this new video, Sporty's John Zimmerman compares four popular kneeboards, and offers his thoughts on the strengths and weaknesses of each one.

ForeFlight tip: How to organize and view charts using Flight Binders

ForeFlight redesigned the Plates section of the app earlier this year with a new Flight Binders feature to help you better organize instrument procedures and charts for each flight. Our latest video tip explores how to make the most of this…

iPad Proficiency Check – new webinar recording

Check out the recording of this fast-paced presentation, which covers a wide range of practical topics on flying with the iPad and the ForeFlight Mobile app. Led by Bret Koebbe, an active pilot and flight instructor at Sporty’s Pilot Shop and Editor of iPad Pilot News, this webinar recording explores topics applicable to pilots of all iPad experience levels

Video: ForeFlight advanced tips and new features (webinar recording)

Join ForeFlight's Phil Inman for an in-depth look at the latest features in aviation's top app, plus some advanced tips for safe flying. Topics include: daily weather forecasts, cloud layer, marked positions, new plate binder options, and more.

Video tip – How to incorporate the iPad into flight training

Many students beginning their training often ask the question “is the iPad the right tool for me in my flight training?” To help with the decision, Dave Zitt, a senior flight instructor at Sporty's Academy, shares his thoughts on best practices for incorporating the iPad as an EFB when learning to fly.

Two new webinar recordings: Advanced ForeFlight and iPad Proficiency

Sporty's Pilot Shop is in the middle of hosting its virtual airshow during the month of July, which includes a series of online events, webinars, product specials and entertainment available free to pilots around the world.

ForeFlight Advanced Features webinar

Join Phil Inman from ForeFlight for an in-depth look at the latest features in aviation's top app, from runway performance calculations to 3D airport previews to multi-tasking support.

iPad Proficiency Check webinar recording

The webinar was presented by Bret Koebbe, a pilot at Sporty’s Pilot Shop and editor of iPad Pilot News. This info-packed presentation explored topics applicable to pilots of all iPad experience levels.

Six quick video tips on ADS-B receivers

Portable weather receivers like the Sentry from ForeFlight and the Stratus 3 from Appareo are essential parts of many pilots' flight bags. They are easy to use, with just one button and no wires, but there are some things to know for best performance. This new series of videos offers quick tips for anyone flying with a Sentry or Stratus, and is especially helpful for new owners.