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Fltplan Go Garmin

FltPlan Go Now Supports Garmin ADS-B Weather and Traffic Receivers

Riding on a current wave of impressive updates, popular flight planning and navigation app FltPlan Go has introduced another major new feature. Users can now see weather and traffic on their iPad via Garmin’s line of portable ADS-B receivers and Garmin Flight Stream.

App update roundup: Aerovie and FltPlan Go

This past year has been an exciting one for iPad pilots, where we saw the release of the 10.5" iPad Pro from Apple, new ADS-B receivers and connected panel options and additions to aviation apps that continue to push their capabilities way beyond that of panel-mount avionics. Here we're going to look at the latest round of updates to two popular aviation EFB apps.
FltPlan Go Downloads 1

FltPlan Go adds improved download manager

Popular provider for flight planning and preflight services especially among corporate flight crews, has continued to improve upon their free companion mobile app, FltPlan Go...

FltPlan Go tips for power users

In this article, we continue our regular series on the finer points of popular aviation apps to help you get the most out of your Electronic Flight Bag. This week, we dive into FltPlan Go to explore some of the hidden features that can save you time or enable new functionality. Best of all, the app is free so you can follow along.

New updates available for FltPlan Go, WingX Pro and FlyQ apps

We're starting to see an uptick in update activity from just about every aviation app developer as we near the start of the spring flying season and the winter weather begins to break. Here's what's new in WingX Pro, FltPlan Go and FlyQ.

5 Fltplan Go tips beyond the basics has been a popular flight planning website for over a decade, and their Fltplan Go app has steadily added features to become a powerful in-flight companion. Beyond the basics of moving maps and weather reports, there are quite a few features that make the app more powerful and easier to use. Here are five of our favorites.

What’s new in the FltPlan Go app

It's been a busy summer for the development team at, having released numerous new features and updates to their FltPlan Go companion app. Here's a rundown of their latest weather and flight planning features you may have missed along the way.

New updates available for ForeFlight, Garmin, WingX Pro and FltPlan Go

We're only a few weeks into 2016 and most of the major aviation EFB companies have already released updates adding new features to their apps. Here we'll take a look at what's new in ForeFlight, Garmin Pilot, WingX Pro and FltPlan Go.

FltPlan Go adds visual cloud analysis tool

The FltPlan Go app recently added a new tool that allows you to visually estimate cloud tops using your iPad's built-in accelerometer and camera. We'll show you how to use it here.

Jeppesen update adds and AvPlan connections

Jeppesen charts have long been a favorite among professional pilots, many of whom prefer their more detailed charts. And while the company's flagship app, Mobile FliteDeck, has found some success it is not full-featured enough to be an all-in-one Electronic Flight Bag app. That criticism may be less valid after the latest update, version 2.7.