FltPlan Go app adds new procedure shortcuts

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It’s been several months now since Garmin bought the online flight planning company FltPlan.com, and a few of FltPlan’s features have already been incorporated into the Garmin Pilot app. We’ve heard concerns from pilots questioning whether the Garmin would continue supporting the FltPlan Go app, but a recent update shows the app is alive and well. Here’s how to use the latest features.

Search airport by name – when on the Airports tab, you can now search for an airport by name or keyword, which is helpful when you’re unsure of the identifier.

Airport icon layer – a new map layer option allows you to display airport icons on the map with runway depictions, that look just like the airport icons in Garmin Pilot. To enable these go to the Maps tab, select the Settings from the top left, scroll to the bottom of the list and select Runway/Airport Options. Here you’ll see the option to switch to the Runway Icon depiction.

The airport icons are color-coded too, magenta for non-towered airports and blue for airports with a control tower.

Airport Procedures shortcuts – when viewing the Procedures section for an airport, you’ll see an arrow button at the far right of the screen next to each option. Tap this to display shortcut options to add the procedure to the binder, or view it on the map.

After selecting View on Map, the procedure will be overlaid on the moving map if it is georeferenced.

FltPlan Go is available free on the App Store, download it here.

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