FltPlan.com releases new flight tracking app

1 min read

There is no shortage of flight tracking apps available on the app store, but most are designed for airline passengers tracking scheduled inbound and outbound flights. They offer lots of features, filters and configuration options, and some even offer a sophisticated 3D augmented reality view.

But sometimes you just want to quickly enter a general aviation N# for an airplane, see its location on a map and track its arrival time. That’s exactly what the new FltTrack app is designed to do, developed by FltPlan.com. The app is free to download and easy to use.

After opening FltTrack you’ll see a search box at the top left of the screen to enter an airplane N#. Provided the airplane is not blocked, you’ll see the most recent flight if its currently on the ground, its in-flight status if currently airborne, or its next planned flight if a flight plan has been filed.

FltTrack displays all the essentials for airplanes currently in flight: ETA, departure/destination airports, airplane model and filed route. It’ll even display the amended route if it was changed after departure. There are basic map controls at the top right of the screen, to select between a plain dark map, light map or satellite imagery. You can also display a real-time radar overlay, which is a nice touch.

The app is free to download and use, but you’ll have to subscribe to FltPlan.com’s Premium tracking service if you want to view multiple flights or save more than 5 favorite aicraft.

Download the free FltTrack app here