App update roundup: Aerovie and FltPlan Go

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This past year has been an exciting one for iPad pilots, where we saw the release of the 10.5″ iPad Pro from Apple, new ADS-B receivers and connected panel options and additions to aviation apps that continue to push their capabilities out in front of panel-mount avionics. Here we’re going to look at the latest round of updates to two popular aviation EFB apps.


Aerovie added pilot logbook and flight tracking/replay features in a recent app update.

The Aerovie app has always been on the cutting-edge offering features you won’t find in other apps, like the ability to submit PIREPs electronically, full-featured Apple Watch app and a Vertical Weather briefing tool. Recent updates further extend the app’s functionality as an all-around EFB app:

  • Electronic Pilot Logbook: this is a must-have feature in today’s aviation apps, and Aerovie’s implementation allows you to log each flight, track currency and endorsements. You can import existing data from a CSV file, or from Garmin G1000 or Avidyne PFD logs using the web upload tool. Exporting data takes just a few button pushes, and the app will format it to FAA Form 8710 for a new pilot certificate application or business use report.
  • Flight Recording/Replay: You’ll find a new record button in the top menu bar to record your track log when flying with a GPS source. This includes the option to automatically start the flight recording and replay functions for when you’re back on the ground.
  • Save Favorite Flight Plans: After entering a flight plan in the route editor, you can use the “send-to” button next to the Clear FPL button to store the route as a favorite.
  • iPhone X support: Aerovie offers full support for Apple’s latest iPhone model, with a custom layout on the large screen.

Download Aerovie from the App Store

FltPlan Go

You can now file flight plans right from the FltPlan Go app

Most pilots got to know as the place to go for highly-accurate flight planning and filing services, long before their iOS app came along. Until now the app primarily acted as a companion service to the website, allowing you to view flight logs, charts and airport data.

The most recent update extends the app’s functionality by allowing you to create a new flight plan right from the app. You can access the Create a Flight Plan section from within FltPlan Go by going to the Maps icon > Edit > Save/File > App.

Information from your flight plan will automatically transfer to the Create Flight Plan section and you can easily modify by tapping on the desired fields (Date, Departure/Arrival, PIC, SIC, Aircraft, Departure Time, Alternate Route, Souls on Board, Etc.). When the flight plan is complete, tap on Save or Save/File and you will receive a message that the flight plan has been accepted. If you used Save/File, the flight plan will automatically be selected for filing and display in your Active Flight Plan List on You will also receive an updated NavLog on FltPlan Go on your mobile device.

FltPlan wants pilots to know however that this is not a replacement for the current method to create or modify a flight plan using the website. Rather it was designed as an alternative for those with limited access to internet or for last-minute filing.

Download FltPlan Go from the app store


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  1. Don Medine
    Don Medine says:

    The vertical depiction of weather feature of Aerovie is really nice for visualizing weather conditions along your planned route of flight. Its a part of my preflight preparation even though I still feel more comfortable flying with ForeFlight.

  2. Tony Freeman
    Tony Freeman says:

    It appears that I could replace my Jeppesen Airway Manual with a IPad app! I envisage using an IPad mini, as this fits comfortably on my existing Jeppesen knee pad. My question is which app caters for South Africa?

  3. Tony Freeman
    Tony Freeman says:

    Which IPad pilot app can replace my Jeppesen Airway Manual for South Africa and surrounding countries?

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