ForeFlight adds wake turbulence alerts

ForeFlight's latest update analyzes ADS-B traffic data to provide wake turbulence alerts when flying near heavy airplanes. Here's how it works.

Top 10 aviation weather apps for pilots

There are thousands of weather apps for the general public, from free to quite expensive. These are great for deciding whether you need a jacket tomorrow, but when it comes to aviation weather—looking at thunderstorms, ice, turbulence, visibility and so much more—these apps just aren't enough. So we'll focus on apps that offer more for pilots, both free and paid.

Sporty’s new Aerobatics app for Apple Vision Pro

Users can virtually sit in the cockpit with Patty Wagstaff and fly along through aerobatic maneuvers such as loops, rolls, and spins.

FlightRadar24 adds support for iOS live activities

FlightRadar24 recently added support to track flight status via the iOS Live Activity feature. Here's how it works.
Detail turbulence

ForeFlight introduces crowdsourced turbulence reports

Electronic flight bag apps make it much easier for pilots to avoid in-flight weather hazards. That includes the big three threats (thunderstorms, in-flight icing, and low IFR conditions), but right after those critical concerns comes passenger comfort and that usually means turbulence. Now ForeFlight has found a creative way to give pilots more detailed and timely information about where the rough rides are.

ForeFlight improves the Aeronautical Map in latest update

Take a look at what's new in ForeFlight, including a new and improved way to customize the Aeronautical Map.

Stay proficient with aviation podcasts

Check out our list of favorite aviation podcasts and how to listen to them on your iPad and iPhone.

Airplane flight tracking app review

While airline mobile apps are great for booking flights and storing boarding passes, they're less than ideal for flight tracking. Here's a look at various ways to track all the details for your next airline flight from your iPhone or iPad.

ForeFlight expands airport traffic alerts

The latest ForeFlight update adds a new traffic alert to get your attention if you taxi onto a runway that is occupied by another aircraft.

PilotWorkshops courses now available in training app

Sporty's Pilot Training app now includes a collection of new courses and digital pilot manuals from the team at PilotWorkshops. These new training products are designed to take your VFR and IFR flying skills to the next level and maximize the utility of your pilot certificate.

The top 20 apps for pilots – 2024 edition

There are thousands of apps that are useful for pilots, from flight training and weather briefings to calculators and games. With that in mind, compiling a list of the top apps may seem foolish, but once again we're going to try—after all, a brand new iPad pilot needs to start somewhere. This list isn't necessarily our 20 favorite apps, but rather the ones we see in use most often.

MyRadar adds weather maps to CarPlay app

MyRadar recently added Apple CarPlay support, allowing you to view a weather radar overlay on interactive driving maps in the car.