Plane English

Plane English adds IFR scenarios to communications training app

Last year we reviewed Plane English, an interesting app that used voice recognition to help pilots improve their VFR communication skills. We liked the interactive nature of this app, which means that pilots can get graded on simulated transmissions instead of just listening to recordings. Now there's a new option for IFR pilots.

METAR Widgets app displays aviation weather on your home screen

A new app called METAR Widgets is one of the first aviation apps to offer new customizable iOS 14 widgets. This handy new feature allows you to display your favorite airport's METAR right on you iPad or iPhone's home screen.

ForeFlight 12.8 adds advanced map and logbook features

The latest ForeFlight update is relatively minor but includes some important additions to the logbook and aeronautical map screens. It also adds Pre-Departure Clearance support for pilots using Honeywell datalink services. Here's a quick review of how to use each feature after you update to ForeFlight 12.8.

Top 10 apps for student pilots

The iPad is a great tool for pilots of all skill levels, from airline captains to student pilots. In addition to displaying digital charts and navigation data in the cockpit, the iPad is also very good for both organization and as a training resource on the ground. Here are 10 apps for new pilots to consider.

ForeFlight version 12.7 adds more 3D features and visual approaches

ForeFlight has maintained its relentless pace of updates in 2020, with this week bringing the eighth major release of the year. Version 12.7 builds on the 3D weather tools we reviewed earlier this month, plus adds enhancements to internet traffic, and traffic pattern entries. Here's a summary.

POH Performance: free flight planning apps for pilots

POH Performance offers free apps for the Cessna 172 and 182, Beech Bonanza and Baron and TBM turboprops and can assist with trip planning, weight and balance, takeoff/landing performance and IFR calculations.

Three simple apps for pilots to try

Most pilots are "married" to an electronic flight bag app like ForeFlight, Garmin Pilot, or WingX. But sometimes less is more. With that in mind, here are three simple, inexpensive apps we've been using lately that are worth trying.

Plane Finder adds Watch app, weather layers, 3D view

There are lots of apps for tracking airplanes, from FlightAware's ever-popular solution to the new internet traffic layer in ForeFlight. But one of the most creative and polished apps is Plane Finder, a longtime App Store best-seller. It's great for tracking your inbound airline flight, but it also has the tools to be of value for general aviation pilots. After a busy summer, the latest version of the app is sporting some interesting new features.

ForeFlight 12.6 brings 3D weather view and overheat alerts

ForeFlight has always been strong in the preflight weather department, both in terms of providing forecasts that are hard to find online and in simplifying their display. Version 12.6 of the app takes a step in the direction of simplicity, plus adds a helpful iPad warning. Here's a review.

AOPA app adds new leaderboards to Pilot Passport feature

The latest update to the AOPA app adds new leaderboards to promote friendly competition among pilots based on unique experiences, like most grass runways visited or landings at a Class B airport.