ForeFlight 12.6 brings 3D weather view and overheat alerts

ForeFlight has always been strong in the preflight weather department, both in terms of providing forecasts that are hard to find online and in simplifying their display. Version 12.6 of the app takes a step in the direction of simplicity, plus adds a helpful iPad warning. Here's a review.

AOPA app adds new leaderboards to Pilot Passport feature

The latest update to the AOPA app adds new leaderboards to promote friendly competition among pilots based on unique experiences, like most grass runways visited or landings at a Class B airport.
Basic Aerobatics Course

Pilot Training app grows to 27 courses with new aerobatics training

Sporty's Pilot Training app (available for both iOS and Android devices) has grown dramatically over the last few years to become a comprehensive aviation library for any pilot interested in improving their flying skills. The latest addition is a new aerobatics course from well-known airshow pilot Patty Wagstaff, which dives into the exciting world of loops, rolls, and spins.

Garmin Pilot adds tab bar interface and new features

The latest Garmin Pilot update adds a familiar new interface option to the app in the form of a tab bar at the bottom of the screen. The update also adds a new live track log function and Garmin's smart Route Data chart download function to the Trip Planning screen.

Four preflight features we like in Stratus Insight

Every app has its own perspective and idiosyncrasies, and Stratus Insight is no exception. Some of the unique features and design choices work well; others are a little confusing. Here are four we really like.

ForeFlight adds runway hotspots, timer, street addresses to version 12.5

After a blockbuster app update last month, ForeFlight's June release is smaller in scale but still includes some nice additions. Here's a review.

New Get Started Learning to Fly course available in Pilot Training app

Sporty’s Pilot Training app has helped tens of thousands of pilots earn their pilot certificate, add new ratings, learn how to use a wide variety of advanced avionics systems and get checked out in new aircraft types. The latest update adds a new free Get Started Learning to Fly course, as well as lots of new content in the Instrument Rating and ForeFlight courses.

Updated Aithre app adds voice-activated nearest airport lookup

We've flown with (and previously reviewed) the Aithre Connect app and its companion line of pilot monitoring devices. This free app connects to the company's carbon monoxide detector, pulse oximeter, and oxygen tank monitor, then provides real time status information and audio alerts. The latest version of this app adds new features that go beyond health monitoring, including voice commands.

Latest Garmin Pilot update adds night mode, document sync

The heavyweight fight between ForeFlight and Garmin continues. The same week ForeFlight released its biggest update in recent memory, Garmin unveiled their own app update, version 10.1. This is hardly the big overhaul that ForeFlight delivered, but it does offer some nice additions and thoughtful modifications to popular features.
Starr app

Starr launches “high definition” insurance app for pilots

Insurance might seem like a very conservative industry, one that would resist the march of technology as long as possible. That's true in some ways (ever faxed an insurance renewal form in after filling out the same information five times?), but a new app from Starr Aviation is a refreshing change. It offers pilots the option to purchase renter's insurance right from the app, and the ability to track flying skill over time.