AOPA feature

AOPA quietly introduces flagship content delivery app

With little fanfare, AOPA recently released a new app simply titled AOPA. Users who download the app will get instant and free access to AOPA’s latest general aviation news, videos, podcasts and events. The app...

Big Google Earth update makes 3D airport flyovers easy

Google Earth has been around for over 15 years, and in that time it has changed many people's perception of our planet with its worldwide satellite images. More practically for pilots, the website and app can be useful for planning a flight to an unfamiliar airport. This week brought a major update for the iOS app with some helpful new features for pilots.

Garmin Pilot 9.0 adds emergency mode, split screen syn viz, enhanced TFRs

Garmin Pilot 9.0 is out and it's packed full of features, including a new Emergency Mode, split-screen synthetic vision, helicopter weight and balance, enhanced stadium TFRs, support for new ADS-B receivers and much more.

2017 AirVenture Oshkosh app is out and it’s the best one yet

The 2017 AirVenture Oshkosh is now available for iOS and Android, and features full event schedules, exhibitor list, interactive grounds map and a schedule planner.

ForeFlight keyboard updated with improved design

FFKeyboard has come a long way since we first flew with it back in March and now includes an improved, color-coded button layout. The new design groups similar abbreviations and phrases together with various colors, and also includes a new swipe shortcut gesture to quickly move between each keyboard layout.

Flight testing ForeFlight’s new performance models

One of the biggest upgrades in ForeFlight version 9.1 (released earlier this month) is the availability of highly detailed performance profiles. These pre-loaded aircraft data sets allow the app to calculate extremely accurate numbers for time en route and fuel burn, which is a critical feature for high performance and turbine airplanes. Just how accurate are these profiles? We tested it out on a long trip recently - here's what we found.
ForeFlight 9.1

ForeFlight introduces turbine flight planning tools with version 9.1

ForeFlight has held a dominant position among piston airplane pilots for a few years now, but they have not been quite as successful in the world of flight departments and jet operators. The competition is definitely heating up, though, as ForeFlight introduced a whole new tier of service today, called Performance Planning. Here's a look at the new features.

ForeFlight training course app updated for version 9

ForeFlight recently released version 9 of the app, which added some exciting new features like aircraft checklists, glide advisor and new contextual alerts. To coincide with this release Sporty's also updated their ForeFlight training course app with new video training segments showing how to use all the new features.

App developer survey: what feature is under-appreciated?

Modern electronic flight bag (EFB) apps are jammed with so many features that a lot of pilots don't even know about some of the less popular options. That doesn't mean these features aren't valuable, though, so we recently asked four top app companies for their insight. The question was: "what feature is under-appreciated in your app?"
ForeFlight vs Garmin

ForeFlight vs. Garmin – what are their unique strengths?

We often get asked to compare aviation's most popular two apps, or to suggest which one might have an advantage in one area. New pilots often struggle to choose which one they should use during training. Some experienced pilots have been flying with one app for a number of years and are wondering if the grass is greener on the other side. Here's our opinion.