CloudAhoy playback views

CloudAhoy adds more logging options, new playback features

CloudAhoy has found a lot of fans among general aviation pilots because of its powerful flight logging and debriefing tools. For anyone who wants to be more data-driven about reviewing training maneuvers, instrument approaches or aerobatics, the app is an invaluable. Over the past six months, the app has grown up a lot, with a focus on making it easier to review flights - no matter how you log them. Here's what's new.

Top 10 apps for pilots, non-EFB edition

The number of aviation apps continues to grow daily, with hundreds of options for flight training, weather briefings, games and so much more. Here we'll take a look at the top 10 non-EFB aviation apps we see pilots using most often.

Takeoff app offers new approach to pilot proficiency

Sporty’s recently released an all new app for pilots, offering a curated selection of aviation content for viewing when on the go. The Takeoff app includes video tips, blog posts, podcasts, photos, and aviation news - all with the goal to make flying safer and more fun.

Garmin Pilot app forges ahead with new capabilities

Garmin Pilot released it's 2nd major update of the year, expanding the Flight Profile view capability, adding new personal minimums alerting, runway/winds analysis, Garmin aera 660 integration and VFR charts for France.

Bad Elf updates GPS app

Bad Elf was the first company to produce portable GPS receivers for iPad, and a new Bad Elf companion app helps you get even more out these high-performance devices.

Free 2016 Sun ‘n Fun app now available

The 42nd Annual SUN 'n FUN fly-in and aviation show kicks off next week in Lakeland, Florida. To help you navigate the airport grounds and keep track of all the events, the organizers again released an updated app for your iPhone and iPad.

wx24 app makes METARs visual

Improving pilot weather briefings has been a focus of aviation apps since the iPhone was first introduced. With the variety of sources and the often unreadable ALL CAP text formats, some good data visualization can have a powerful impact. The latest example of this trend is the wx24Pilot app, which aims to make text weather a thing of the past.

New app updates focus on hardware connectivity

Aviation app companies continue to release new updates at a moderate pace, with a big focus on both portable and panel-mount hardware compatibility. Today we're going to look at what's new in the popular ForeFlight app, along with 2 other rapidly growing apps in the EFB app market, Aerovie Reports and FltPlan Go.

Garmin Pilot adds Flight Profile view and X-Plane support

Garmin is charging full speed ahead into 2016 with big enhancements to both its ADS-B transponder and mobile app product lines. Here we'll take a look at what's new in the Garmin Pilot app for iPad.

G1000 simulator apps make glass cockpit transition easier

If you fly the G1000, sometimes all you need is a basic simulator on your iPad that allows you to push buttons and turn (simulated) knobs. To fill this need, we've recently been using two apps from Simionic, a small company that's more for simulator pilots than Cirrus or Cessna pilots.