App developer survey: what feature is under-appreciated?

Modern electronic flight bag (EFB) apps are jammed with so many features that a lot of pilots don't even know about some of the less popular options. That doesn't mean these features aren't valuable, though, so we recently asked four top app companies for their insight. The question was: "what feature is under-appreciated in your app?"
ForeFlight vs Garmin

ForeFlight vs. Garmin – what are their unique strengths?

We often get asked to compare aviation's most popular two apps, or to suggest which one might have an advantage in one area. New pilots often struggle to choose which one they should use during training. Some experienced pilots have been flying with one app for a number of years and are wondering if the grass is greener on the other side. Here's our opinion.

Garmin Pilot introduces European flight plan filing, plus major Android updates

Garmin continues their rapid development pace in 2017, with a variety of new features introduced this week in conjunction with both the Sun 'n Fun Fly-in in the US and the Aero Friedrichshafen show in Germany. The updates include new tools for European pilots, new Flight Stream functionality, and some good news for Android pilots.

ForeFlight 9 is out: how to use Checklists, Glide Advisor and SiriusXM Radio

Sun 'N Fun starts next week in Lakeland, Florida, which means new product announcements. ForeFlight kicked that off today with the release of the new ForeFlight 9, packed with updates and lots of new features. Let's dive right in so you know what to look for on your next flight.

Logten Pro logbook app adds night mode and new reporting features

LogTen Pro continues to set the standard for logbook apps for iPad and iPhone. The latest update, called LogTen Pro Cadet, adds a new Night Mode, shortcuts to select recent items, new reports, support for Roster Buster and a new longer free trial period.

Save time with a new aviation keyboard for ForeFlight

As pilots transition to a paperless cockpit, the scratch pad is usually the last to go. Sometimes, you just can't beat a pen and paper for copying ATIS, clearances, and taxi instructions. A new add-on aims to change that, by making ForeFlight's scratch pad faster and easier to use.

Sporty’s brings the first flight training app to AppleTV

Earlier this week we got our hands on Sporty's new Learn to Fly Course app for AppleTV, which is available now in the AppleTV app store. This allows you to watch the HD video content from the comfort of your home on the big screen as you progress towards your Private, Sport or Recreational pilot certificate.

New updates available for FltPlan Go, WingX Pro and FlyQ apps

We're starting to see an uptick in update activity from just about every aviation app developer as we near the start of the spring flying season and the winter weather begins to break. Here's what's new in WingX Pro, FltPlan Go and FlyQ.

Cloudahoy 5.0 brings new technology to flight debriefing

CloudAhoy has found a lot of fans among general aviation pilots because of its powerful flight logging and debriefing tools. The new version 5.0 expands its usefulness by bringing new technology to its flight analysis features and offering the ability to display your international track logs on worldwide charts.
Sporty's Learn to Fly app

Sporty’s launches 2017 Learn to Fly app

Sporty's has offered flight training courses specifically made for the iPhone and iPad since 2012, combining video segments and written test prep features. While the Learn to Fly App has seen a number of updates over the years, 2017 has brought the most significant update in some time. Here are some of the highlights.