Start planning your Oshkosh experience with the 2019 AirVenture app

The 2019 AirVenture Oshkosh app is now available for iOS and Android, and features full event schedules, exhibitor list, interactive grounds map and much more.

3D Review comes to ForeFlight, plus Map Annotations and Audio Checklists

ForeFlight has been on a torrid pace lately, shipping significant app updates every few weeks this spring and early summer. That continues with version 11.6, a new version that adds some unique planning and debriefing tools, enhanced annotation options, and some helpful logbook upgrades. Here's a hands-on look at what's new.

AltitudeAlert V3 adds universal iOS support, new ALT HOLD feature

The latest version of this helpful app, called simply AltitudeAlert V3, works on all iOS devices from iPhone to iPad Pro to Apple Watch. That latter device is a nice addition if you fly with one - the app will now deliver haptic alerts in addition to pop-up notifications and audio alerts. Depending on how you set up your devices, you could have an audio alert in your Bluetooth-enabled headset, a vibration on your wrist, and a message on your iPad screen.

LogTen Pro adds new map visualization feature to view logged flights

The latest update to the popular LogTen Pro digital logbook app adds a new way to visualize your flight history. The MyWorldView feature allows you to display your flights on an interactive map, showing all the locations you've been around the world.

Deep Weather app provides quick access to NWS forecast discussions

The Deep Weather app provides direct access to all the Area Forecast Discussion data for the entire U.S. This forecast represents the "Story behind the weather story," a glimpse behind the scenes of your local TAF, and provide lots of detail not found anywhere else.

How to calculate takeoff and landing distance with ForeFlight 11.4

ForeFlight's latest update is chock full of new features, including takeoff and landing performance planning, flight sharing, enhanced NavLogs and automated photos in the logbook. Here's a look at how to use all the new features.

New Aviation Weather course available in Sporty’s Pilot Training app

Sporty's Pilot Training app platform has become the go-to app for pilots' aviation training needs, and the latest release adds an all-new Aviation Weather course, and new training features to the Android app.

The 10 best weather apps for pilots

There are thousands of weather apps for the general public, from free to quite expensive. These are great for deciding whether you need a jacket tomorrow, but when it comes to aviation weather--looking at thunderstorms, ice, turbulence, visibility and so much more--these apps just aren't enough. So we'll focus on apps that offer more for pilots, both free and paid.

Sporty’s Study Buddy apps updated with improved learning features

Sporty's Study Buddy test prep apps were recently updated with a modern layout for the latest iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The update adds hundreds of new questions, answers, and explanations written by the CFIs at Sporty's Academy and include a new interactive FAA references for enhanced study.

How to use ForeFlight’s new Document feature

ForeFlight redesigned the Documents feature in the latest app release, adding a new interface, cloud-based sync features, global search and more. Here's what to look for after you update.