Garmin Pilot app adds Jepp charts and new wireless capabilities

The Garmin Pilot app took a big leap forward this week, adding Jeppesen terminal chart support and a set of new wireless features that work exclusively with the new Flight Stream 510 MultiMedia card.

ForeFlight introduces all new map engine in latest update

ForeFlight recently released their major mid-summer update to the app, which adds a new faster map engine, a base-reflectivity radar overlay, logbook sharing feature, firmware updates for Stratus 1S/2S and much more.

Go aerial sight-seeing with Flyover Country

How many times have you been on a flight, either in general aviation airplanes or on the airlines, and looked down at a unique landmark on the ground and wondered what it was? A new app called Flyover Country can help answer that exact question and help solve the mystery when flying across the U.S. on good weather days.

Big update to WingX Pro7 now available

Hilton and the developers at WingX Pro7 have been busy the past few months, releasing several updates that add additional functionality and improve the user-experience of the popular EFB app.

Fun iPad flying: bush pilot simulator

Looking for a fun aviation app to feed your aviation fix over the holiday weekend? We suggest checking out this realistic iPad flight simulator, which allows you to fly one of 21 exciting airplanes in a variety of wilderness environments.

Sporty’s flight training apps updated to support new ACS

The new Airman Certification Standards (ACS) were introduced today, replacing the familiar PTS. To stay in step with this change, Sporty's released an update this week to their popular Learn to Fly and Instrument Rating apps for iPad and iPhone. Here's what's new.

Honeywell releases instrument approach preview app

A new app from Honeywell Aerospace provides a unique way to research and brief instrument approaches by allowing you to visualize procedures in a 3D environment right on your iPad.

Aerovie adds intelligent flight planning tool

The Aerovie reports app continues to pack in new features in 2016, and the latest update adds a new intelligent flight planning tool to help pick fuel stops and alternate airports when the weather is low.

New app helps IFR pilots calculate holding patterns

Unplanned holds tend to get assigned at the most inopportune times, towards the end of a flight when the weather is bad. A new app aims to take some of the guesswork out of flying a hold, by allowing you to enter all the pertinent data and displaying both instructions and a visualization of the procedure right on your iPad.

Black Box aviation app simplifies maintenance tracking

There is no shortage of pilot logbook apps available on the app store, but there aren't many options for maintaining aircraft times and records. A new app called Black Box Aviation aims to fill that void, allowing you to create maintenance records that are searchable, easily shared and securely backed up in the cloud.