ForeFlight adds AI airport comments plus discover tools and waypoint settings

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The ForeFlight mobile app continues to churn out a steady flow of updates, the latest of which includes a touch of AI, a new Discover Tab, and settings for waypoints on the Aeronautical map layer.


The largest change in this latest update is the addition of an entirely new Discover tab. This tab opens a new view that gives users the opportunity to explore new aviation communities, events, and skills. An interactive map showcases upcoming events provided by AOPA and EAA, which may include fly-ins, in-person training, or even free hotdogs at Sporty’s Clermont County airport.

The Discover tab also includes ForeFlight’s extensive video training library. Videos are grouped into categories and playlists to make it easy to find content on specific capabilities or areas of the ForeFlight app. The videos play directly within the app, helping users learn everything from simple to advanced features.


foreflight ai comments discover waypoint settings screenshot

AI Comments

ForeFlight is venturing into the AI space by leveraging artificial intelligence to improve the usefulness of user comments for airports. Airport comments have been a useful tool for years, allowing pilots to leave feedback on airport facilities, FBO quality, and other helpful tidbits about their experiences. The new AI tool can quickly learn what pilots are saying about an airport and provide a helpful AI-generated summary of pilot comments. Keep in mind, the results may vary as the AI might summarize and provide results from old or outdated comments.

While it may still be helpful to browse actual user comments to validate the AI summary, overall it provides a convenient snapshot of user-provided experiences. Just like PIREPs in the air, remember to leave a comment to improve the experience for your fellow aviators.

foreflight ai comments discover waypoint settings screenshot

Waypoint Settings

ForeFlight recently completed a nice overhaul of the data-driven aeronautical map layer, allowing users to create custom VFR and IFR filters. These filters provide tools to make the aeronautical map layer highly configurable. However, there was no option to clear certain waypoints, such as VFR checkpoints, from the view when using the VFR filter. This has now been addressed, and a new Waypoint Settings option provides toggles to enable or disable fixes and VFR waypoints.

foreflight ai comments discover waypoint settings screenshot


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