ForeFlight expands airport traffic alerts

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Pilots flying with ForeFlight and an ADS-B receiver, like Sentry, receive real-time traffic alerts when another aircraft gets close. In most cases, this advance alerting gives pilots ample time to visually acquire the traffic and make heading or altitude corrections to steer clear.

ForeFlight expanded this traffic awareness feature last year, adding Aircraft on Runway Alerts to better get your attention if an airplane is on the runway while you’re on final approach or if an airplane is on short final to a runway you’re occupying:

In the latest update to the app, ForeFlight added another traffic alert to help prevent near misses or collisions on the runway. This alert will appear if another aircraft is occupying the runway you are taxiing onto and highlights the conflicting target in red:

Want to learn more about ADS-B traffic? Check out our interactive quiz on the topic.

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  1. Brent
    Brent says:

    How does the notification for an occupied runway work when I am taxiing if my UAT based ADSB-IN signal is only available starting at about 200 ft agl and the other aircraft doesn’t have a Mode S transponder?


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