Garmin Pilot adds graphical weight and balance function

Garmin's latest app update is out just in time for Oshkosh and adds a nice selection of new planning features. There's a new graphical weight and balance view, map search capability and an update to the interactive measuring tool on the map. Pilots flying in Europe will also benefit from the inclusion of Eurocontrol Aeronautical Information Publications (AIPs), an enhancement to French NOTAMs information and added support for the uAvionix Sky Echo 2 receiver.

ForeFlight simplifies aviation data and chart downloads

The latest ForeFlight update simplifies the chart and data download process, adds the ability to specify the elevation of a custom waypoint and adds a new setting to display the ruler and cockpit instruments in either Magnetic or True North. Here's a look at how to use each of these new features.

Sporty’s E6B adds new aviation functions and conversions

Sporty's E6B app recently received another big update, adding 7 new aviation functions and conversions. Here we'll take a quick look at the new features available in the popular flight computer app.

StationWeather app adds TAF widgets

StationWeather, a popular app for displaying decoded METARs and TAFs in a graphical format, recently added support to display TAF data in an iPadOS home screen widget.

Top 10 aviation weather apps

There are thousands of weather apps for the general public, from free to quite expensive. These are great for deciding whether you need a jacket tomorrow, but when it comes to aviation weather—looking at thunderstorms, ice, turbulence, visibility and so much more—these apps just aren't enough. So we'll focus on apps that offer more for pilots, both free and paid.

Sporty’s Pilot Training app now available for Apple computers

Sporty’s Pilot Training platform started with just a few online courses over a decade ago and today has grown into an extensive library of over thirty HD/4K video and test prep courses. The latest enhancement brings an all-new version of the Pilot Training app to Apple computers, allowing pilots to access courses natively on a Macbook, iMac or Mac Pro.

Cloud Topper app updated with auto calibration and full screen support

Cloud Topper is a simple but effective app that uses the camera in your iPhone or iPad as a virtual sight level, to help determine if you're current flight path will clear clouds in front of you. The app was recently updated with a new few new convenience features providing a better experience on the newest iPhone and iPad models.

Garmin Pilot’s dynamic map gets even better

The latest Garmin Pilot update is a big one. It significantly improves the presentation and readability of the moving map and expands the graphical NOTAM display on airport diagrams to include taxiway closures. It also adds support for moving map annotations, decoded NOTAMs and support for Stratux and Bad Elf third-party receivers.

ForeFlight updates Hazard Advisor and Weight and Balance features

ForeFlight recently released their latest app update, version 14.2, which improves two of the app's popular preflight planning tools. In this article, we'll show where to find the new features and how to make the most of them when planning your next flight.

Sporty’s releases new E6B app for Apple computers

Sporty’s E6B app has been the flight computer app of choice for tens of thousands of pilots around the world for the past decade. The latest version adds support for Mac computers, allowing you to use all the aviation and conversion functions right from your laptop or desktop.

Submit PIREPs right from your iPhone with Fly Virga

Fly Virga is a free app which connects directly to Flight Service and allows pilots to submit PIREPs from an iPhone using a clean, easy to use interface.

HotZones adds traffic density visualizations to your EFB app

A free add-on for ForeFlight and Garmin Pilot allows you to add a custom overlay to the map screen that shows areas of very high aircraft traffic as determined by historical ADS-B returns.