Davis WeatherLink app

Using Davis weather stations as backup weather reports

Electronic flight bag apps like ForeFlight and Garmin Pilot have dozens of weather resources, from radar images to icing forecasts, but sometimes these familiar weather products aren't enough. One tool we've recently been using is the WeatherLink app from Davis Instruments. Here's what it can do.

ForeFlight releases new aviation app for Apple Watch

ForeFlight released a new aviation app for Apple Watch and it's included for all current ForeFlight subscribers. Here's a quick look at how to use it and why it's a must have for ForeFlight pilots.

Best flight tracking apps

While airline mobile apps are great for booking flights and accessing boarding passes, they're less than ideal for flight tracking. Here's a look at various ways to track all the details for your next airline flight from your iPhone or iPad.

Start planning your Oshkosh experience with the 2023 AirVenture app

The 2023 EAA AirVenture Oshkosh app is now available for iOS and Android, and features full event schedules, exhibitor list, interactive grounds maps and much more.

Garmin Pilot adds new color themes and ETD calculator

The latest update to Garmin Pilot is now available in the App Store and adds a few new convenience features to improve your experience with the app. This includes a new light color scheme, the ability to flight plan based on pre-determined arrival time, and improvements to the Database Concierge wireless update capability.

ForeFlight adds new ADS-B traffic safety features

The latest ForeFlight update adds new "Aircraft on Runway Alerts" to better get your attention if an airplane is on the runway while you're on final approach, or if an airplane is on short final to a runway you're occupying. The update also adds ADS-traffic breadcrumbs, day/night overlay on maps and baro-corrected pressure altitude.

Top 10 aviation weather apps for pilots

There are thousands of weather apps for the general public, from free to quite expensive. These are great for deciding whether you need a jacket tomorrow, but when it comes to aviation weather—looking at thunderstorms, ice, turbulence, visibility and so much more—these apps just aren't enough. So we'll focus on apps that offer more for pilots, both free and paid.

ForeFlight’s latest update adds airport comments and logbook enhancements

The latest update to ForeFlight adds a collection of minor features designed to improve the usability of the app, including Airport/FBO comments, track log and logbook improvements and 3D engine out procedures for larger airplanes.

Sporty’s Pilot Training app adds new interactive scenarios

The latest update to Sporty's Pilot Training app adds powerful new learning tools in the form of interactive scenarios, allowing students to engage with aviation simulators and visual quizzes during their training.

Top 10 aviation apps for student pilots

The iPad is a great tool for pilots of all skill levels, from airline captains to student pilots. In addition to displaying digital charts and navigation data in the cockpit, the iPad is also very good for both organization and as a training resource on the ground. Here are 10 apps for new pilots to consider.

ForeFlight adds runway length filter and profile corridor to the map

ForeFlight's latest update is again a minor one but adds some important safety features that all pilots will appreciate. This includes a runway length filter for airports displayed in the Aeronautical Maps layer, and a profile corridor overlay to highlight obstacles along the current route.
CloudAhoy app

ForeFlight buys debriefing app CloudAhoy—what comes next?

ForeFlight began as a pre-flight app and over time grew to become a powerful in-flight tool as well. The weakest (and, to be honest, least important) phase has been post-flight. That may change now that the electronic flight bag giant has acquired CoudAhoy, an innovative software company with robust flight analysis tools.