Pilot’s guide to the new features in ForeFlight 10.2

ForeFlight released a new feature-packed update again this week that pilots will want to check out right away. Most notable in this release is a new day/night app theme selector, glance mode for synthetic vision and a 3D view of nearby ADS-B traffic.

WeatherSpork offers new approach to aviation weather

While the big electronic flight bag (EFB) apps like ForeFlight and Garmin Pilot are loaded with weather tools, a new app is taking a different approach to help pilots make smarter preflight decisions. WeatherSpork is not an EFB app, but rather an easy-to-use app that focuses on smarter preflight weather briefings. Here's a hands-on review.

MyRadar adds precipitation prediction feature

A new feature in the MyRadar app will alert you when precipitation is approaching your current location, useful for everyday awareness and during the final hours leading up to a flight.

New aircraft transition courses available in Sporty’s Pilot Training app

Sporty's released their new Pilot Training app last year, bringing an all-new training course concept to iPhone, iPad and AppleTV. The latest update to the Pilot Training app adds 4 new aircraft transition courses for pilots learning to fly Helicopters, Seaplanes, Gliders and Multiengine airplanes.

The Aviation WB Calculator app is back

The popular Aviation WB app has been completely redesigned and is available in the app store again for iPad and iPhone with a new design and new features.

First look at Garmin Pilot’s new weather and airspace flight planning features

Garmin Pilot 9.3 adds an impressive set of new features, including airspace alerting, icing in the profile view, storm cell movement, a new SiriusXM surface analysis weather layer, traffic enhancements, extended centerline improvement and support for the iPhone X screen.

Check out these four big aviation app updates

Aviation app companies have been busy this Spring developing a set of exciting new features for pilots in their apps. We got a preview of the latest EFB app updates at Sun 'n Fun in Lakeland, Florida, earlier in the month to see what's new.

App review: IFR Flight Trainer Simulator

Learning how to use VORs and NDBs isn't very exciting, but it's still a requirement if you want to earn a Private Pilot certificate or Instrument rating. Often it comes down to a problem of visualizing how the different systems work. A recently-updated app, IFR Flight Trainer Simulator, can help with this learning curve.
Pilot Training app

Sporty’s adds 3 new courses to Pilot Training app

Sporty's released their new Pilot Training app at the end of 2017, bringing an all-new training course concept to iPhone, iPad and AppleTV. The latest update adds 3 new courses to the training platform: VFR Communications, IFR Communications and Garmin G1000 Checkout.

ForeFlight 9.6 delivers a smarter flight planning experience

ForeFlight released the first major update for 2018, introducing a variety of smart features throughout the app to improve the flight planning experience. The latest version continues the trend of adding additional functionality to the Flights tab, making this the go-to spot to research and plan a flight. Here's a quick look at all the new features in ForeFlight 9.6 and how to use them.