How to use ForeFlight’s new Passenger app

The latest version of ForeFlight is out, and offers a new companion app called Passenger that allows others on board your airplane to follow along on flight progress. Here we'll show how it works, along with a review of the other new features in ForeFlight 11.2.

Cirrus introduces all-new training app

Almost from the beginning, Cirrus has been deeply involved in training the pilots who fly their airplanes. Now there's a better way to access some of this factory-direct training, with the release of a new Cirrus Approach app. Here's a review.

Garmin Pilot: further integration with and new FBO fees

The latest version of Garmin Pilot is now available for download, and like with most updates from Garmin, includes exclusive features you won't find in any other app. Version 9.6 extends Garmin's integration of's trip planning features, adds FBO fees for various services, engine alerts and new map customization options.

WingX updated with new moving map and Stratus 3 support

WingX Version 9.0 is now available, adding a new faster moving-map engine, improved chart downloads and AHRS support for the Stratus 3 ADS-B receiver.
Jepp FliteDeck Pro X

A look inside the new Jeppesen FlightDeck Pro X app

ForeFlight and Jeppesen partnered back in 2017 to share expertise and knowledge in an effort to improve both the Jeppesen FlightDeck and ForeFlight apps for GA and airline pilots. Here's a look at the latest collaboration effort and how ForeFlight has brought elements of its popular GA app to Jeppesen FlightDeck Pro X app.

Lightspeed releases new FlightLink headset companion app

Lightspeed recently released a big update to their FlightLink app, which allows you to wirelessly record in-flight audio and jot down notes. The new version of the app adds compatibility with the latest iPhone and iPad Pro models and adds several new features. Here's how it works.
Aviation W&B app

Relaunched Aviation W&B Calculator app now available for iOS and Android

Weight and balance is a chore for most pilots - important, but time consuming and a little tedious. One of the best apps early on was Aviation W&B Calculator, and now it's back with new iOS and Android versions.

Top aviation apps for Apple Watch

There are lots of aviation apps that include Apple Watch apps along with their primary iPad/iPhone app, allowing you to access bite-size pieces of aviation data from your wrist. Here's are our favorite apps to get you started.

FltPlan Go app adds new procedure shortcuts

The latest update to Fltplan Go app adds some nice usability features, including airport search, airport icons on the map and procedures shortcuts on the Airports page.

Top 20 apps for pilots

The number of aviation apps seems to expand daily, with thousands of options for flight training, weather briefings, games and so much more. With that in mind, compiling a list of the top apps may seem foolish, but we're going to try - after all, a brand new iPad pilot needs to start somewhere. The list below isn't necessarily our 20 favorite apps, but rather the ones we see in use most often, and are worth considering for any pilot's tablet.