ForeFlight 12.1 makes your flight planning smarter

One of ForeFlight's strengths compared to other aviation apps is its ability to take common flight planning data and present it in meaningful ways to help pilots make better-informed decisions. The latest update, version 12.1, continues this focus with three new features designed to help with route planning on the ground and reduce workload in the air when viewing datalink weather imagery.

Garmin Pilot adds powerful IFR features with version 10

In the never-ending battle between ForeFlight and Garmin for electronic flight bag supremacy, the two companies have taken slightly different approaches. Garmin has played to its strength by making their Pilot app more and more like their panel avionics. The latest update, version 10, continues this trend.
Intro to Aerobatics course

Pilot Training app adds new aerobatics course from Patty Wagstaff

Sporty's Pilot Training app continues to grow as an all-in-one aviation learning resource, with the addition of two new courses in 2020 already. This week's update added an all-new aerobatics course hosted by well-known airshow pilot Patty Wagstaff, bringing the total number of courses to 22.

Station Weather app brings graphical weather to iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

There's no shortage of weather resources available to pilots in today's popular EFB apps and they all do a great job at presenting text weather reports, interactive radar imagery and complete weather briefings for pilots. Sometimes though you just...

iPad apps for turbine pilots

There are a wide variety of iPad apps available designed for pilots flying turbine airplanes, including performance planning, support directories and international trip support. Check them out here in this comprehensive listing.

Top 10 aviation apps (you haven’t heard of)

There are no shortage of aviation apps available in the app store, and this list is designed to help expand your app horizons and check out some new aviation apps you might not have heard of yet.

ForeFlight 12 adds new 3D tools, G1000 data import, and more

Ten years to the day after Apple announced the iPad, ForeFlight released version 12.0 with some gee whiz features as usual, but some thoughtful improvements may be the more noticeable changes. Here's a look at the new features.

New training course available for GTN 650, 750 and Xi Navigators

Garmin recently introduced a new GTN training course to bring the GTN 650 and GTN 750 Pilot’s Guide to life with videos, animations, and tips and tricks. The course is available for iPhone and iPad in Sporty's Pilot Training app.

The top 20 apps for pilots – 2020 edition

There are thousands of apps that are useful for pilots, from flight training and weather briefings to calculators and games. With that in mind, compiling a list of the top apps may seem foolish, but once again we're going to try—after all, a brand new iPad pilot needs to start somewhere. This list isn't necessarily our 20 favorite apps, but rather the ones we see in use most often.

New Cirrus Aircraft App displays remote airplane status data

The new 2020 Cirrus piston airplane models include a new feature called Cirrus IQ, which allows pilots to remotely access important pre-flight status information, including fuel and oxygen levels, battery voltage, oil temperature, aircraft location and flight hours at the touch of a button through the Cirrus Aircraft App.