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When pilots discuss continuing education or currency, the conversation will likely shift toward Flight Reviews, IPCs, and landings. While that is one part of the (FAA) equation, the other requires that pilots stay involved in different facets of aviation to remain proficient and learn new things along the way.

While you might be thinking about online pilot courses or spending time in a home flight simulator (both great ideas), aviation podcasts are a free option that can easily fit into your busy schedule. The quality of the aviation-specific podcast content has never been better, and there’s a robust Podcast app on every iPhone and iPad to make listening easier than tuning an old AM radio.

Going back to the basics, a podcast is an audio recording that is typically conversational between a few hosts. It covers current events and educational topics and typically lasts a few minutes to a few hours. Podcasts are a modern form of talk radio.

As pilots, we’re fortunate that many professionally produced aviation podcasts are released weekly, covering everything from flight training to aviation news and even professional pilot banter.

Once you open Apple’s Podcast app, use the Search function from the menu to enter a few keywords to find a subject that appeals to you. Press the Play button to start streaming it right away, or use the arrow button to load a menu with the option to download it for offline listening.

You can also choose to “Follow” any podcast series, automatically delivering new episodes to your podcast app.

To help you get started, here are a few of our favorite podcasts–click on any of the links from your iPhone or iPad to automatically open them in the Podcast app.

Opposing Bases RH and AG are two experienced air traffic controllers and pilots that host a weekly show answering listener questions, breaking down complex aviation topics, and relating their experiences to everyday occurrences in the national airspace system.

Pilot’s Discretion This podcast from Sporty’s brings you authentic conversations with some of aviation’s most interesting people. From honest discussions about flight training to fascinating stories from airshow pilots, this podcast is for anyone who loves to fly.

I Learned About Flying From That Tune in for the rest of the story—with exclusive interviews with pilots who have shared their emergencies, crises, and mistakes. Host Rob Reider relates the tale as told by the author, then catches up with that pilot to ask the questions we know have been on your mind.

21.FIVE A podcast for Professional Pilots, by Professional Pilots. Join hosts Dylan and Max, both professional pilots with backgrounds in Flight Instructing, Airlines, and Business Aviation, on their quest to improve as travelers, pilots, and professionals.

Pilot to Pilot This is a place for aviators to come for inspiration and encouragement. We aim to help all types of aviators to continue pursuing their aviation dreams through interviews with aviation guests, whether that be flying commercially or flying for fun.

There I was… Presented by the AOPA Air Safety Institute, this one invites you into the cockpit with pilots across the aviation community. Go hangar flying with them as they encounter unpredictable scenarios and we learn from the knowledge and skills they utilize to fly safely out of them.

Aviation News Talk Join Max Trescott, an expert Cirrus instructor, for general aviation news, pilot tips for beginners & experts, interviews, listener questions answered, technical details on G1000 & Perspective glass cockpits & flying GPS approaches.

Airline Pilot Guy Join Capt Jeff as he shares his perspective as a commercial airline pilot. The show discusses weather and how it pertains to an airline pilot’s job, piloting, aviation safety, layovers, etc. Learn about industry news, travel-related stuff, incidents, and accidents.

Ask the A&Ps Experts Mike Busch, Paul New, and Colleen Sterling to answer pilots’ toughest aviation maintenance questions in this podcast from AOPA. Hear all about maintenance and systems-related issues and learn how to handle them correctly.

Fighter Pilot Podcast The Fighter Pilot Podcast explores the fascinating world of air combat: the aircraft, the weapons systems, and most importantly—the people. Learn from expert guests how ejection seats work or what flying on and off nuclear-powered aircraft carriers is like.

Airplane Geeks Aims to educate and inform you, explore and expand your passion for aviation, and entertain you a little along the way. We discuss commercial, military, and general aviation topics, usually with a prominent industry guest.

Aviation podcasts provide a great way to keep up with the latest aviation events while accomplishing other tasks, like working in the yard or commuting to work. And since the Podcast app works just as well on your iPhone and CarPlay, you can take them with you everywhere you go.

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