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What aviation features would you use in an Apple Watch?

Apple announced their much-anticipated smartwatch today, which will pair up with your iPhone to display messages and allow you to interact with apps right from your wrist. What aviation features would you use on the new watch in flight?

Poll: what’s your backup?

From a legal standpoint, most GA pilots don't need a backup when using it as the sole source of aviation charts in the cockpit, but backup paper charts or bringing a second iPad is cheap insurance. So we want to know, what type of backup do you bring along with you, if any at all?

Poll: what iPad are you flying with?

Once there was simply "the iPad." Now there are a number of different models flying in general aviation cockpits, from the Mini to 10" iPads to the new iPad Air. We'd like to know which model you fly with most often

Poll: what app are you using?

It's been a year since we last polled iPad Pilot News readers about their favorite aviation app. So today we want to know which app is your go-to tool for preflight planning and in-flight navigation.

Poll: how to make a better iPad for pilots?

The iPad Mini answered a lot of pilots' prayers, with a smaller size that is more suitable in the cockpit. But what do you wish the iPad had? Are there features or improvements that would make it a better pilot's tablet? Vote in our poll.

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Poll: what are you flying with?

It's time for another reader poll. This week we want to know what devices you fly with--iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, Android? Voting takes just a second.