Pilot poll: what tablet do you fly with?

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  1. Phil
    Phil says:

    While I appreciate the “real estate” of the iPad Pro 12.9, I also have the Mini, which I think is the all-around best platform for GA flying (the 12.9 tends to also be large for sizes up to the B737 class because it competes for other cockpit essentials.)

    I think its unfortunate that the Mini is slated for discontinuance (probably as a result of the 5.5 and 5.8 inch iPhones.) I think the Mini — upgraded with the A11 chip — would have been an outstanding aviation accessory (probably to the point that Apple felt it would infringe excessively on iPhone territory.)

  2. ChickDriver
    ChickDriver says:

    I started using iPads when they arrived, took “the usual road” and ended at the 13″ Pro.

    I enjoyed the first steps on the original 10″ model.

    After a while I was of the misbelief I had to have the iPad mounted and went to the Mini. Passing a couple of hundred hours with the mounted Mini I found myself getting lazy and flight safety compromised by the “Magenta line effect”.

    Review of my real(!) needs and flight safety let me get back to paper charts, switching off the 430 frequently and changing the iPad to an electronic version of the paper chart, best represented by the large Pro.

    I no longer use mounted iPads, because I believe they are of no good. Yes, they make navigation easier, but they also have the potential to get people in the pilot seat which should not.

  3. Don Miller
    Don Miller says:

    Chickdriver, it’s called pilot discipline. I’ll use whatever tools available to make the flight more safe. But you still have to keep situational awareness in case the screen goes blank. That said, I sure hope they will come out with an updated mini soon.

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