Poll – What is the status of ADS-B out in your airplane?


While it was the iPad that led the way for fast adoption of “ADS-B In” receivers several years ago, it’s the FAA’s 2020 mandate coming up in a few weeks that has aircraft owners installing “ADS-B Out” today. We want to know – are you ready for January 1, 2020?


  1. I have traffic alerts on my GPS 530. The ads B out is incredibly expensive and not the best investment in safety upgrades for my airplane. I would have rather installed shoulder harnesses and they would cost far less than ADS B out. Technology is changing so quickly that the expensive installations being done now will probably have the same value as a Garmin 430, 530 or Garmin 330 Mode S transponder in a couple years. The FAA has overstepped here in requiring a financial investment of this magnitude. I have to ask, how many mid air collisions occur compared to the number of forced or off airport landings where shoulder harnesses could save lives. I would have thought shoulder harnesses or engine overhauls would take precedence.

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