Poll: what iPad are you flying with?

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Once there was simply “the iPad.” Now there are a number of different models flying in general aviation cockpits, from the Mini to 10″ iPads to the new iPad Air. We’d like to know which model you fly with most often. Choose one answer below:

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  1. Kent Magnuson
    Kent Magnuson says:

    We keep iPad Mini in cockpit for pilot use primarily and iPad Air in pax area for moving map display and backup. Current charts kept on both.

  2. Wayne Williams
    Wayne Williams says:

    The iPad Mini is the perfect EFB when coupled with ForeFlight Pro. I use my old iPad 1 as a backup. Just my opinion. 13,000 + hr Comm Pilot.

  3. Bob
    Bob says:

    I use iPad 2. Regarding full size iPads: Other than battery life, and screen resolution, what other benefits will a iPad 3/4 offer me over a iPad 2?

  4. jay levine
    jay levine says:

    I have 2 ipads ipad 1 and the latest edition retina screen ,using a stratus for weather etc, what a piece of crap this thing is , about as stable as a lunatic in an insane asylum, breathe on it get near it toutch it.,and it jumps around , not good in a cockpit, always changing to some other page etc, you,d think for the price I had to pay for this junk it would stay put, nope think twice before buying j

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