Garmin Pilot app adds D2 Pilot Watch integration

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The Garmin Pilot app can now transfer flight plans wirelessly to the new Garmin GPS watch.

The Garmin Pilot app can now transfer flight plans wirelessly to the new Garmin GPS watch.

The app developers at Garmin have been hard at work this year and recently released another update to their Pilot iPad app. This brings some exciting new features, and most notably enables integration with the new Garmin D2 Pilot Watch. Version 5.3 of the Garmin Pilot app is available now in the app store, and is a free update for existing subscribers. Here’s a quick look at what’s new:

  • Garmin D2 Pilot Watch integration – Garmin released the D2 Pilot Watch a few weeks ago, and it’s the first of its kind to provide a fully-functional GPS and aviation moving map display in a compact wrist watch. While the watch provides full navigation capability on its own, it can now be paired to the Garmin Pilot app to allow you to transfer flight plans and user waypoints from the app to the watch.
  • Audio Terrain, Obstacle and Traffic alerts – The app now includes audible alerts for terrain and obstacle avoidance as well as air traffic when connected to the GDL-39 portable ADS-B receiver. These alerts can be activated in the Audio section of the General Settings.
  • Decoded TAFs – This new feature came at the request of current users, and deciphers TAFs into an easy-to-read plain English format. They can be viewed as widget on the Map page, from within the radial menu or under the weather tab in the “Airport” section.
  • Track Vector – The track vector extends a line from the aircraft’s current position to indicate your current location in a user configurable time or distance. To enable and configure track vector, select the “Ownship/Route” tab of the Map Layer Settings.
  • Enhanced NOTAM support – NOTAMs have been improved to show all NOTAMs that are valid for a given position, airspace NOTAMs anytime the position is inside an airspace and includes better filtering of NOTAMs pertinent to your route
  • Improved screen lock controls – The auto-lock feature is now user-configurable, and provides options to prevent the iPad from entering sleep mode only when moving, always or never.

The Garmin Pilot app is available for immediate download here, and includes a free 30-day subscription.

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    Will there be a PIREP for this at some point? I loved to hear what the real world experience is with this watch!

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