Garmin Pilot Android app updated with new features

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Garmin is one of the few app developers to offer a fully functional aviation weather/chart/navigation app for both iPad and Android tablets. Garmin has been dedicated to continuously improving and adding new features to both versions, and the Android tablet version is pretty impressive with its long list of features.

Garmin recently released version 1.2 of the Garmin Pilot Android app, adding several new features and improvements.

New Features:

  • Binders – Charts can be stored in binders for quick access and trip organization
  • Radial Menu – Long press on any map to access a contextual menu of options
  • User Waypoints – Create user waypoints via Lat/Lon, Rad/Dist, or Rad/Rad


  • Fixed several crashing issues reported by users
  • Now drawing airport diagrams, helipads and restricted airports on the icons
  • Other stability and performance improvements

Garmin Pilot for Android is available for $99.99 with the standard subscription and $149.99 with the pro subscription. A free 30-day trial is available in the Google Play app store.

Read a full review of the app here: Garmin Pilot Android – finally a real Android app for pilots

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  1. JD Smith
    JD Smith says:

    Can I use this app on my Samsung Galaxy Tab-3? I do not own an I-Phone or I-Pad. Please don’t sell my email to crazy junk email sales outlets. I just need data about Garmin Pilot. Thanks JD

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