Garmin Pilot adds attitude display, camera support and more

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Garmin Pilot app with attitude

Garmin Pilot’s popular split-screen panel page now shows an attitude indicator when connected to the GDL 39 3D.

Garmin is off to quick start in 2014, having released updates for both the iPad and Android versions of its popular aviation app. In addition to adding a handful of software improvements to the app, Garmin is the first full-featured aviation app to also add support for a portable HD camera and GPS watch. Here is the full run down on what’s new in version 6.0 for iPhone and iPad:

Backup Attitude Information: Garmin’s new GDL 39 3D ADS-B receiver now includes an integrated attitude/heading sensor (AHRS), and the latest version of the app allows you to display attitude information from this wireless device right in the app on the panel page.  The attitude indicator may be simultaneously displayed alongside flight plan information or the moving map page.

Pre-flight Planning Enhancements: a series of enhancements have been made to the Trip Planning and Flight Plan functions. These include improvements to the flight plan summary display and the ability to view ATC Preferred Routing.

iOS 7 Redesign: The design of the Garmin Pilot app has been updated with a new modern look and implements many of the design elements from iOS 7.

You can control the Garmin VIRB camera and start/stop video right from the app.

You can control the Garmin VIRB camera and start/stop video recording right from the app.

VIRB Camera Compatibility: Pilots flying with the Garmin VIRB HD video camera can display video and remotely control the camera while viewing pertinent flight plan information in Garmin Pilot. You can take still photos and start/stop video recording in the app, which is useful when remote mounting the camera in unaccessible areas.

Devices: A new Devices page is available via the main home screen to help manage Garmin hardware that’s connected to the app. This page displays connection status for the GDL 39 3D, VIRB camera and D2 Pilot Watch.

Traffic Pattern Recommendations: You’ll now see the traffic pattern direction for each runway on the Airports page.

Special Use Airspace Frequencies: When viewing special use airspace information on the Map page, the app now displays the ATC frequency for that airspace in the inset.

Garmin Pilot version 6.0 is available now for both iPhone and iPad, and includes a 30-day free trial for new users. The new version requires a minimum of iOS 7 and an iPad 2 or iPhone 4 or newer.

The update to the Android version of Garmin Pilot is also available for download now in the Google Play store. This version adds the GDL 39 3D attitude indicator support, traffic pattern recommendations and special-use airspace frequencies.