Garmin Pilot app updated with ADS-B & split screen support

2 min read

Garmin Pilot v4.2 adds support for subscription-free ADS-B in flight weather.

A new version of the Garmin Pilot app is available in the app store for iOS and contains several improvements to the popular navigation & chart app for pilots. The most notable new feature is support for Garmin’s GDL-39 ADS-B receiver, bringing subscription-free in flight weather and traffic to the app. You’ll now be able to view a selection of text weather products and NEXRAD radar to help stay up on the weather while en route. The app will also display nearby traffic when paired up with the GDL-39, though this feature is somewhat limited since most GA aircraft aren’t equipped with ADS-B out capabilities.

Another useful feature in version 4.2 is the ability to show a split screen view in both landscape and portrait modes. This is very helpful for showing an en route chart or sectional side by side with an approach chart or SafeTaxi® diagram. You can customize what’s shown here and also display Garmin’s popular panel page, weather widgets or the flight plan navlog next to a chart.

Furthermore, the app includes several updates to the Download page, streamlining the process and providing additional status information. You’ll now see a red badge on the Garmin Pilot app icon on the home screen alerting you when new charts are available. When downloading a chart, the file size and estimated download time displays in the download queue. At the bottom of the page you’ll find a new Capacity View showing device storage information, including space in use, amount occupied by the Garmin Pilot app and how much free space is still available. And finally, you now have the option to choose between the ‘Current’ or ‘Next’ cycle when selecting sectionals for download.

The update includes several other updates based on user feedback, including:

  • Ability to lock the screen from within the app
  • Default route is now removed when the app first launches
  • Weather map uses Garmin’s color scheme for METAR color-coding

The Garmin Pilot app is a free download and includes a 30-day trial. Garmin is currently running a Flying Season Special, allowing you to purchase an annual subscription for $49.99 (regular subscription price is $99.99). Learn more about the app and download here: Garmin Pilot App for iPad/iPhone.