WingX adds support for terrain and obstacle alerting

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WingX Pro now provides terrain and obstacle alerts directly in the app.

WingX Pro7 is a popular aviation app for iPad and continues to add new features. Version 6.8 of the app was released yesterday, and includes a new safety feature that provides alerts similar to that of hardware-based Ground Proximity Warning Systems (GPWS). The system will automatically alert pilots when flying near high terrain or when approaching obstacles, and it’ll display the potential impact points on the moving map along with the distance from your present position to that hazard. The app relies on an internal terrain and obstacle database and does not require any extra hardware to enable this feature.

WingX Pro7 Version 6.8 also adds FlightShare technology, enabling pilots to quickly and easily share flight information between devices, two-pilot crews, and between a student and a flight instructor.

For pilots flying with the Aspen Evolution flight display system, this update also provides compatibility with Aspen Connected Panel. For a complete list of other minor features and improvements provided with this free update, check out the app on the iTunes app store: WingX Pro7.

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  1. Kayak Jack
    Kayak Jack says:

    I flew on a short round-robin sortie yesterday, and it popped up the little orange box to warn of an obstacle. Nice.

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