New features added to WingX Pro 7

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WingX is a valuable tool for both pre-flight planning and in-flight situational awareness.

Hilton Software released an update to WingX Pro7 today, adding several improvements and new features. This aviation app for iPhone and iPad provides flight planning, GPS-enabled moving maps, charts, synthetic vision and support for in-flight traffic and ADS-B weather.

New Features in version 6.2:

  • Passive RADAR Altimeter shows Terrain Elevation or Approximate AGL
  • Moving Map Simulator – practice or visualize a flight before you get there.
  • Runway-Specific Glideslope Information
  • View routes in Google Earth
  • Auto-Calibrate GPS

Other Improvements:

  • ADS-B National NEXRAD and Local NEXRAD
  • Improved Moving Map timer usability
  • Added Favs to Moving Map Search
  • Airspaces were drawn oval in some cases
  • Added TERPS Info
  • Turn on/off Moving Map GPS Info and Airspace Notifications
  • Changed CDI characters for better iOS 5 visuals
  • Synthetic Vision now part of free trial

This is a free update, and available now. Learn more about WingX Pro7 here.

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  1. Aleksandr Prodan
    Aleksandr Prodan says:

    I purchised Wingx7 Pro at last year Feb 2012, today I paid for continiou, how I can get these new options, like ability to rotate sectional?

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