Upgrade your NFlightcam with free apps

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NFlightcam Plus cockpit camera

The NFlightcam Plus is one of the most popular cockpit cameras.

Cockpit video cameras that record high definition video, cockpit audio and GPS data have exploded in popularity over the past few years. These affordable, compact and easy-to-use cameras are a great way to record a memorable flight, share your passion for flying or improve your flight training lessons. One of the most popular models is the NFlightcam, a modified version of a Contour camera that is specifically made for aviation.

The latest model can connect to an iPhone or Android device and, combined with a free app, makes for a powerful recording system. The NFlightcam uses Bluetooth to connect to your mobile device, so the first time you’ll need to do some basic pairing. After that, simply turn on the camera and open the app on your phone.

The app, called Contour Connect, offers a host of features:

  • Start and stop recording from your phone
  • Display a wireless viewfinder, so you get perfect alignment before you start recording
  • Review battery life and memory remaining on the SD card
  • Adjust video quality from 720p to 1080p
  • Change microphone settings
Contour Connect app

The Contour Connect app makes it easy to adjust settings on the NFlightcam.

The app has many uses, and is especially helpful when the camera must be mounted out of reach of the pilot. It’s also ideal for external mounting.

The Contour app requires the NFlightcam Plus, and is available for iOS devices in the iTunes App Store and for Android devices in the Google Play Store.

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