Logbook Pro for Kindle Fire

Logbook Pro now on Kindle Fire

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Logbook Pro for Kindle Fire

Logbook Pro is now available for the Kindle Fire.

A lot of pilots are curious about Amazon’s new Kindle Fire–the combination eReader and tablet that runs on a customized version of Android. Its size (7″) and price ($199) are attractive, especially for the cockpit. But a major question has been how many apps will be available for it. That’s because, while it is based on Android, regular Android apps from the Market are not compatible. All Kindle Fire apps must be purchased through Amazon’s own Appstore. Aviation apps are few and far between right now.

But there is at least one. Logbook Pro is one of the first aviation apps we’ve seen for the Fire (info here). The tablet version of this electronic logbook is free, but it does require a desktop version to sync with. The app allows you to track certificates and ratings, recent flights, FAR 135/121 restrictions and summary charts.