Poll: what do you use for backup?

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  1. Steve
    Steve says:

    I still use paper charts for my area and surrounding Sectional areas. I don’t carry my IPAD all the time and really use it for long distance travel. I have four aiplanes, all vintage airplanes, and the IPAD is not easily used in all of them. I mainly use the IPAD in my Globe Swift since I use it most for long distance flying.

    The IPAD has its place and paper charts have their place. I will continue to use both. I use “Duracharts”.

  2. Stuart
    Stuart says:

    The aircraft I fly most often has a panel mount Garmin 696 with XM weather, flight charts, airport directory, etc.

    I use Foreflight for flight planning and filing. In the air the 696 is my primary and the iPad with Foreflight serves as my back-up in flight.

  3. Tom K
    Tom K says:

    An IFR approved in-panel GPS presents all the relevant information as the iPad, albeit in a different format: enroute navaids, facility information, frequencies and approaches. I use a KLN-94 as my backup.

  4. Eugene Stevens
    Eugene Stevens says:

    I use my Garmin 430 and my Kindle DX as backup to the iPad. While the autopilot and nav are coupled to the Garmin 430, the iPad has eliminated all my papter charts with the Kindle DX used as the iPad backup. When iPad is coupled with the Skyradar (ADS-B weather radar) to compliment my WX 8 and the Levil to backup my horizon image and be a backup compass. My round trip flight from FDK to Parkersburg WV was a nice one to try out all the additional features that worked very well.

  5. Kent Magnuson
    Kent Magnuson says:

    I use an iPad Mini in the cockpit for enroute charts primarily. My primary is Garmin 530W/430W for nav. I have a Garmin 696 yoke mounted and use it primarily for continuous wx updates at destination. I have an iPad 3 in pax compartment for their moving map display and keep current Foreflight charts on it as backup #4.

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