How to connect Sentry or Stratus ADS-B receivers after updating to iOS 14

There's a new privacy setting in iOS 14 which can prevent you from connecting a Wi-Fi ADS-B receiver, like Sentry or Stratus, to your aviation app. Here's what to look for and how to change the setting if you're having trouble connecting after updating to iOS 14.

Understanding ADS-B traffic: when can you trust it?

Portable ADS-B receivers for the iPad (like the Sentry, Garmin GDL 50 and Stratus 3) can receive ADS-B traffic in addition to weather. But unlike weather, which is broadcast continuously, traffic is only transmitted in certain cases. This can make ADS-B traffic very confusing—when does it work and when does it not work?

Step-by-step guide to planning a flight in Garmin Pilot

Aviation apps like ForeFlight and Garmin Pilot have been adding in-flight features at a rapid pace over the last few years, from new terrain alerts to better IFR procedure tools. What sometimes gets overlooked in this app competition are the preflight tools that make planning a flight faster and easier. Today, let's look at how to plan a flight in Garmin Pilot, moving step-by-step through the main options.

Pilot’s Guide to iOS 14 and iPadOS 14

The official versions of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 are now available for download for your iPhone and iPad. Here are the details pilots need to know, including device compatibility, how and when to update, new features and much more.

New iPads Are An Incremental Improvement For Pilots

It's that time of year again when Apple lifts the curtain on its latest and greatest iteration of the mobile computing iPad lineup. True to form, the new iPads announced today are the "best yet," but practically speaking provide pilots with only minor improvements over previous versions. Here are some highlights from the announcement.

iPad Flight Review – 8 key questions

Ok, you’ve been flying with the iPad for several years and the thought of manually calculating the time en route to your destination or unfolding a sectional chart in the cockpit makes you cringe. But like everything in aviation, it pays dividends to spend some time to brushing up on the basics to keep your knowledge and skills sharp. Take our latest quiz to see where you stand.

Reader survey – how do you use the iPad in flight?

Can you give us a PIREP? It's been over 10 years since the iPad was introduced, and in that time it's changed how pilots plan and fly. Please take a few moments to share your experience with the iPad, aviation apps, and iPad Pilot News. Your answers will help shape our coverage and maybe even the apps you use.

Top 10 apps for student pilots

The iPad is a great tool for pilots of all skill levels, from airline captains to student pilots. In addition to displaying digital charts and navigation data in the cockpit, the iPad is also very good for both organization and as a training resource on the ground. Here are 10 apps for new pilots to consider.

iPad Pilot News print edition now online

At least once a year, we release a print version of iPad Pilot News. While you can always read the latest tips and news on our website, sometimes it’s nice to browse a magazine layout. Download the PDF here.

AOPA app adds airport directory, charts and FBO data

AOPA has been busy expanding the capabilities of its signature pilot lifestyle app over the past year. The latest update adds a variety of flight planning resources, including airport details, downloadable instrument approach procedures, FBO directory, FBO fuel prices and fees, and a destination finder.