iPad apps for turbine pilots

There are numerous apps available geared toward turbine operations, including performance planning, support directories and international trip support. Check them out here in this comprehensive listing.

Radio Navigation Simulator app updated

Even with glass cockpits becoming increasingly popular, student pilots and new instrument pilots still have a lot to learn about navigation instruments. The Radio Navigation Simulator app can help. This affordable, easy-to-use app is a great way to learn how to use VOR, DME, ADF, RMI and HSI.

ForeFlight 101: getting started with aviation’s top app

We have dozens of ForeFlight tips on this website, but in this article we'll try to cover the basic information that a new ForeFlight user needs to get started. We'll also link to many of the other tips on ForeFlight on iPad Pilot News.

Practice your landing skills with Rockwell Collins’ free simulator iPad app

Have some fun and learn how to fly Category III ILS approaches with Rockwell Collins' new HGS Flight app, a free approach and landing simulator for iPad.

Top 10 aviation apps

The number of aviation apps has exploded over the past two years, with thousands of options for flight training, weather briefings, games and so much more. With that in mind, compiling a list of the top 10 apps may seem foolish, but we're going to try--after all, a brand new iPad pilot needs to start somewhere.

New apps review: myWingMan and FlyQ

Two new all-in-one cockpit apps have recently hit the App Store, from two well-known names in aviation: Bendix/King’s myWingman and AOPA’s FlyQ EFB. These new apps join an already crowded marketplace, going head to head with established leaders ForeFlight, WingX and Garmin. Can the new players match up?

Garmin Pilot app adds new ADS-B features and iPhone 5 support

Garmin released an update to the Garmin Pilot app, adding new ADS-B features, a split-screen option for the traffic display and support for the larger screen on the iPhone 5.

How to get your favorite aviation magazines on your iPad

Want to read your favorite aviation magazines on your iPad? This article explains where to find the digital editions and how to download them.
MyRadar app with aviation features

MyRadar update adds aviation features

MyRadar has been one of our favorite free radar apps for a long time. There's nothing fancy here, but it works and is easy to use. Recent upgrades have made this an even better app, with new features just for pilots.
LiveATC Air Radio app

Eavesdrop worldwide with the LiveATC.net app

Imagine if you could turn your smartphone into an aviation radio with almost unlimited range. That's pretty much what the LiveATC Air Radio app does. Open up the app and choose one of 450 airports around the world, and in seconds you're listening to ATC and airplanes communicate in real time.

Navigate Your Way through AOPA Summit 2012 with free app

Sporty’s, in partnership with AOPA, has created the official mobile app for the 2012 edition of the AOPA Aviation Summit in Palm Springs, California, which is now available for both Apple and Android devices.
CloudAhoy app

CloudAhoy app lets you review every flight

Ever wish you could play back your flight, either to relive a long trip or debrief a lesson? With CloudAhoy, a free app for the iPad, you can do exactly that--including a moving map and detailed logs of your groundspeed, altitude and more.