ForeFlight 5.4.2 fixes Dual GPS bug, adds Stratus sharing

1 min read

The latest update from ForeFlight (version 5.4.2) was released today, and while it isn’t a major one, there are a few improvements that are worth noting. Let’s review the highlights.

ForeFlight cockpit sharing

The new cockpit sharing feature is an easy way to share routes between multiple iPads.

The biggest addition is the cockpit sharing feature. This allows two pilots who are on the same WiFi network to send flight plans to one another, a real benefit for corporate or airline pilots. Note that the WiFi network could be a Stratus ADS-B receiver, not just a WiFi network at home. This makes it easy to update the active route in flight as well as before a trip. Simply use the “Send To” feature from the route editor.

The other big news here, although certainly less exciting, is that ForeFlight has fixed a bug that made it very frustrating to use a Dual XGPS160 Bluetooth GPS. This is one of the more popular iPad GPSs, but it was causing a lot of problems for ForeFlight users. Thankfully this update takes care of the issue.

There are other small tweaks here, including a fresh menu on the route bubbles that makes it more intuitive to insert new waypoints by tapping on the parts of an active route. Wind information has also been added to both the procedure advisor and the runway page. Now pilots can see actual wind conditions in addition to the popular crosswind component view. This can be helpful when choosing the best runway for a landing.

For more information or to download the update, visit the App Store.