ForeFlight adds Caribbean and Mexico charts

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ForeFlight is closing out 2013 with another big update to its popular flight planning, weather and navigation app for pilots. The company unveiled version 5.5 today, which marks the twentieth software update from ForeFlight this year. This update brings new charts for the Caribbean and Mexico, expanded IFR planning chart coverage for the US and Oceanic regions, and improvements to the cloud document syncing feature.

Caribbean and Mexico Enroute charts

Pilots flying to the Caribbean and Mexico will really appreciate the addition of IFR low and high charts now available for these regions. Coverage includes all of Mexico from Baja to Panama, and the Caribbean from Bahamas to Barbados. And most importantly, all of the the touch planning features work just as you’d expect for these new charts, making trip planning to the islands a breeze. We’ll point out that you must enable these charts in the Downloads section of the app before they’ll appear as options on the Map screen. The Caribbean and Mexico charts are available at no additional cost for all current ForeFlight users.

IFR Caribbean Charts

Oceanic and Planning Charts

In addition, ForeFlight Mobile now includes the North Atlantic (NARC), Western Atlantic (WATRS), and North Pacific (PORC) transoceanic route planning charts. These charts show control areas, established intercontinental air routes, coastal navigation aids, and reporting points.

ForeFlight Oceanic charts

ForeFlight also now includes the FAA’s IFR planning chart for the US. This displays airports, VORs, airways and more in an easy-to-read format to help with route planning. Like the new Caribbean charts, you must first enable these from the Downloads page before they’ll show as an option on the Maps screen.

IFR Planning Charts

When viewing any of these new charts, you have the option to view the chart legends via the Maps settings. When multiple charts are displayed simultaneously, like the Caribbean Low charts, simply tap one of the charts to bring it to the front and display the respective legend.

IFR chart legends

Enhanced Document Syncing

ForeFlight Pro users now have access to enhanced document syncing in ForeFlight. This feature, frequently requested by flight departments, flight schools and others storing a large number of documents, ensures that documents added, changed, or removed on your personal or department cloud account are automatically added, changed or removed from each device associated with that account. ForeFlight uses Dropbox for storing cloud documents, and makes it easy for Pro users to connect their Dropbox account and set up this feature at

ForeFlight cloud docs

The The ForeFlight app is free to download, and includes a 30-day free trial. Annual subscriptions to the app start at $74.99, and includes all the charts and updates for the US, Caribbean and Mexico.

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  1. Kent Magnuson
    Kent Magnuson says:

    The Mexico HI-LO enroute charts…HUGE enhancement and long waited for. Thanks folks. This is wonderful. Standing by for Mexico approach charts.

  2. Cap. Saúl Pérez díaz
    Cap. Saúl Pérez díaz says:

    Greate, greate notice for Mexican Pilots that We have installed ForeFlight

    Thanks Team.

  3. Carl Miller
    Carl Miller says:

    Can’t seem to figure out how to download the mexico enroute charts. downloads on “Mexico Caribbean, Central America gives me Airport Thumbnail diagrams and High Resolution Terrain clicked them both on but nothing on the map pages?? How do I get this downloaded

  4. Kent Magnuson
    Kent Magnuson says:

    Two guys our group had to delete Foreflight app entirely, and re-load all, to get the new software update installed or ? which allowed to then select MX HI-LO for download. If all else fails…delete app and start over I guess!

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