iPad apps for turbine pilots


The odds are good if you pop into any airline or corporate flight deck that you’ll find the pilots actively using an iPad to display charts and aviation data. Not only has the iPad replaced the 50-pound chart cases that many professional pilots had to lug around, but it is also simplifying routine performance planning and the time-consuming task of updating charts and manuals.

Here we’ve assembled a list of apps that will be useful to turbine pilots, grouped by category:

Aircraft Performance Calculator & Flight Manual Apps
  • Airbus FlySmart Apps – this collection of apps help compute takeoff and landing performance calculations, electronic document management and weight and balance for Airbus airplanes. (Includes free demo, requires separate account for full features)
  • APG iPreFlight Genesis – provides flight planning, runway analysis and preflight planning for turbine airplane operations in one convenient app.
  • Boeing Interactive QRH – provides electronic access to all normal and non-normal checklists, performance tables, and maneuvers for Boeing airplanes.
  • Boeing Onboard Performance Tool – provides pilots of Boeing aircraft with takeoff and landing calculations and weight & balance information. (Requires configuration files and databases, available separately from Boeing)
  • Bombardier Flight Deck 3 – provides pilots of Bombardier aircraft with digital flight manuals and includes automatic revision updates. (Requires an account through Bombardier.
  • Eclipse Quick Reference App (QRA) – turns the Eclipse flight manual into an interactive app that computes performance, weight and balance and includes the full electronic flight manual and checklist for Eclipse airplanes.
  • Embraer ePerfBook – provides performance calculations for Embraer commercial jet aircraft.
  • Embraer eQRH – this electronic checklist app replaces the paper Quick Reference Handbook (QRH) for Embraer airplanes.
  • Gulfstream Apps – a collection of apps to help organize and maintain pilot’s manuals, compute performance, weight and balance and more for pilots of Gulfstream airplanes. (Requires subscription from Gulfstream).
  • myPhenom Flight Calculator – a complete EFB for Phenom 100 & 300 aircraft, including performance calculations, weight & balance, checklists, AFM, POH and QRH manuals. (Requires membership to Phenom Jet Association)
  • Pilatus PC-12 Digital Airplane Flight Manual – this free app from Pilatus provides performance and weight & balance calculators for pilots and owners of Pilatus PC-12 turboprop airplanes.
  • Pilatus PC-12 eQRH – This PC-12 Electronic Quick Reference Handbook (eQRH) is a pilot assistance tool for the quick and easy review of emergency procedures and other important recommendations.
  • TBM Performance – computes all the useful performance numbers for flight planning for Daher (Socata) TBM aircraft models. It includes calculations for takeoff, landing, climb, cruise, descent, instrument procedures as well as emergencies.
  • Textron Aviation Cesnav – Cesnav combines three calculators (Previously known as CLCalc, CPCalc, and EOM) into one app, offering performance and loading calculators or the Cessna Citation family of airplanes. (Requires CESNAV account)
  • Textron Aviation 1View – this app combines all technical publications for Beechcraft, Cessna, and Hawker airplanes. (Requires CESNAV account)
  • Vision ProFlite (Cirrus Jet) – universal weight & balance and performance app for the Cirrus SF50 VisionJet G1 and G2 model aircraft.
Aircraft Support
Flight Planning, Weather and Trip Support
  • AC-U-KWIK World Edition – contains information on 8,000+ airports across the globe, 3,400+ FBOs and  extensive listings of Handlers, fuel suppliers, charter operators, ground transportation, maintenance and catering companies.
  • AvioFuel – designed for light jets and turboprops, this app allows you to quickly determine fuel loading based on specific aircraft profiles.
  • FlashPass eAPIS – helps pilots file the required eAPIS passenger manifests when crossing the U.S. border.
  • Fltplan.com Go – allows fltplan.com users to retrieve and store weather briefings and navlogs for offline use in the air, and provides full flight planning and moving map features.
  • LogTen Pro – provides pilots of all levels with a full customizable iPad logbook, including an international airport database and currency tracking.
  • Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro X – this is the latest offering for the commercial airline market and represents the coming together of Jeppesen and Foreflight technologies to deliver Jepp charts, interactive maps, preflight data and more. (Requires subscription from Jeppesen)
  • QuickClear – This CBP-approved app provides another method to submit eAPIS passenger manifests when flying from or to the U.S.
  • Sporty’s E6B – provides 23 aviation calculations, including planned mach number, percent MAC, specific range, descent planning and jet fuel conversions.
  • Universal uvGO – allows pilots and flight departments who currently use Universal Trip Support Services to download and view operational briefing packages. Services include fuel releases, ground handling confirmations, APIS confirmations, runway analysis, TSA waivers and much more. (Requires Universal user’s account)
  • WSI PilotBrief Optima – provides access to WSI’s premium PilotBrief Optima detailed weather service directly on an iPad. (Requires WSI PilotBrief Optima subscription)

Of course, the popular navigation apps like ForeFlight Mobile, Garmin Pilot, WingX and FlyQ work great in turbine aircraft also. Many pilots have also found the document management features included with ForeFlight Mobile and Garmin Pilot to be particularly useful in organizing flight manuals and paperwork. There are also a variety of apps from many of the popular FBOs in the U.S. that you can quickly access by searching in the app store.

There’s one last item for turbine iPad pilots to be familiar with. Pilots flying “for-hire” under part 121 or 135 are required to follow the guidance of AC 120-76D when using an iPad as a paper chart replacement. To help you understand the details of this AC we suggest reading our iPad Legal Briefing here. And if you’re looking for assistance in getting FAA approval to use an iPad as the sole source of aviation data in the cockpit, check out Sporty’s Easy Approval for iPad service.


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