WingX Pro tip: selecting map overlays

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A new weather overlays menu allows you to visually display various weather features on the moving map screen.

A new weather overlays menu allows you to visually display various weather features on the moving map screen.

The recent WingX Pro 6.9.2 update added a new feature that now allows you to select and overlay additional weather items on the moving map, expanding on the options of fuel prices and METAR circles. In the past you would select weather overlay items from the Options list at the bottom of the screen, but the latest release adds a new button in the upper right of the screen with additional options.

Initially this gray button will be labeled Flight Rules, and tapping it will reveal a list of weather and fuel overlay options. These include airport flight rules (VFR, MVFR, IFR), surface wind, visibility, ceiling, sky coverage, temperature, temperature/dew point spread, density altitude, 100LL fuel prices and jet A fuel prices. You can only select one at a time, but these allow you to get a big picture of view of various weather elements, based on the METARs reported for airports across the country.

The functions of the View and Options buttons remain the same. View allows you to select a chart basemap, like VFR Sectional, IFR En Route or Terrain. The Options menu then allows you to select additional overlay options, including terrain shading, obstacles, airspaces, airways, jetways, fixes and extended runway centerlines.

Unlike the weather overlays, you can display multiple items from this list simultaneously. And if you want to enable the popular split screen function, simply press the blue Screen button. View 1/Option 1 controls the top/left panel and View 2/Option 2 controls the bottom/right panel, depending on how you have the screen oriented.

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  1. Ron Simonton
    Ron Simonton says:

    I love my WingX — much easier to use than my Foreflight, and the list of available ADS-B receivers is long and growing.

  2. Dave
    Dave says:

    I agree with so many others. It needs internet Radar and Satellite imagery overlay. This is a basic flight planning tool. Using one app to flight plan and WING-X in the airplane is not practical.

  3. Frederick Spencer
    Frederick Spencer says:

    Really is a shame that Foreflight and Garmin would not let you be able to communicate with Stratus Generation 2 when you asked. Obviously, they are more interested in a profit than the safety of the flying public at large. Keep up the pressure and argue the morality of allowing WingX to communicate with Stratus over their desire for profit!!!!

  4. Mark
    Mark says:

    Morality? Are you serious?

    I’m a WingX user, but so far it’s a “jack of all trades, master of none” on ADSB. The Dual 170 I bought still doesn’t work right on WingX. I’d rather they get one receiver to work well than to support 100 different receivers.

    • Matthew
      Matthew says:

      Well said Mark, this point seems to be lost on most people. WingX has always focused on quantity over quality, and their approach to ADS-B receivers is no exception.

  5. Dan Brown
    Dan Brown says:

    Overall I’m very pleased with WingX, but agree they need to do a better job of integrating overlays and hardware status.

  6. Ernie Cherry
    Ernie Cherry says:

    I’ve been using WingX since 2005. The features are amazing and constant improvements just keep making it better. I purchased a SkyRadar ADS-B receiver and gave up XM since I no longer needed it. When you ask Hilton for a specific addition he seems to come through with flying colors.

    Many thanks.

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