WingX Pro adds new features with version 8.0

The first major update to WingX Pro for 2014 brings some useful new IFR routing functions and support for the Pebble Smartwatch. Here's a quick review of what all is new.

WingX Pro adds support for the Pebble smartwatch

WingX Pro today announced support for the Pebble smartwatch, allowing you to view basic navigation information on you wrist when connected to an iPhone or iPad.

How much space do charts take on my iPad?

A common question we hear from pilots is what size iPad should I buy? Here we'll show you how much space it takes to store different chart options in ForeFlight, Garmin Pilot and WingX Pro to help you decide.

WingX Pro tip: customizing the moving map window layouts

The WingX Pro moving map page provides a wide variety of configuration options to display multiple windows simultaneously. Here we'll show you the various options and how to set them up.

WingX Pro 7.0 adds weather radar to the moving map

WingX Pro has teamed up with Baron Services to offer a new collection of interactive weather overlays. This allows pilots to view radar imagery, sectionals and a flight plan simultaneously. Check out all the details on the app update here.

WingX Pro Tip: ChartTouch

A handy feature in WingX Pro 7 allows you to tap any waypoint on an approach chart and add it to your active flight plan. This week's tip shows you how to do it.

WingX Pro tip: selecting map overlays

The recent WingX Pro 6.9.2 update added a new feature that now allows you to select and overlay additional weather items on the moving map, expanding on the options of fuel prices and METAR circles.