WingX version 6.9.1 hits the App Store

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WingX with ADS-B weather

The latest version of WingX fixes some ADS-B errors, but there are still some patchy areas in the radar.

WingX Pro7 has released its first update of 2013, with version 6.9.1 now available in the App Store. This is mostly a maintenance release, with bug fixes and a few upgrades. Let’s review the list:

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X is now supported. Previously, the app worked with the X-Plane flight simulator program; now WingX also works with Flight Sim X, using the FSX Flight plugin. This is a nice feature because it both allows you to do more realistic simulator flying and to learn how to use WingX on the ground. If you’re a new WingX user, it’s a great idea to do some simulator flying in the comfort of your home or office. It’s now easy to do.
  • There are some additions to the SAR grid and pattern features. WingX has been a leader in Search and Rescue features, which are great for Civil Air Patrol and other users. These enhancements (options for 45 or 60 degree sectors on grids and lat/lon or MGRS on patterns) probably won’t be used by most GA pilots, but they make it a more robust app for SAR users.
  • Sunrise and sunset information has been added to the A/FD view.
  • There are some fixes and upgrades to the ADS-B integration. In December, we reported on some issues with the new Dual XGPS 170 ADS-B receiver, and this update is aimed at some of those problems. In particular, 6.9.1 fixes a crash issue, where the app would shut down when it received bad ADS-B data. There are also upgrades to the ADS-B engine and the ADS-B status page, but in our flight tests we still saw some problems with patchy radar images and METARs not showing up (see screenshot at right). This could be an issue with the Dual driver and not the WingX app. Either way, it looks like there are a few teething pains to work out still.

As always with these app updates, there are various other bug fixes and performance enhancements. You can get the update here.

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  1. MC
    MC says:

    I saw the same thing today with the updated WingX and DUAL in Ohio, including big gaps in the radar: I was picking up an average of 4 towers, and the text weather seemed to show up ok, but no luck getting a good radar picture. And then after about 20 minutes the bits of radar disappeared altogether and I couldn’t get it to come back. The app shut down a few times on its own too.

  2. Keith T.
    Keith T. says:

    ….”a few teething pains” is not a description I would use for a 800 dollar box that as of today does not work as advertised.

  3. Keith T.
    Keith T. says:

    What surprises me the most, is the lack of response from the manufacturer, the vendors and the users.
    Either very vew boxes got sold
    nobody uses NEXRAD in flight (I consider it the most important feature)
    everybody got fed up and threw the nice little box out of the airplane (I am pretty close)

  4. Keith T.
    Keith T. says:

    My wife bought the Dual XGPS170 from Sporty`s as a present for me.
    In the two months I have owned the unit, the NEXRAD depiction never worked. Last week I contacted Dual customer service and they asked me to send the XGPS170 back to them for a firmware update (obviously cannot be done over the internet ?)
    The box came back with Firmware 1.4.5 installed.
    NEXRAD still does not work!!
    Neither WingX version 6.9.1 nor the Dual Firmware update has so far fixed the reported NEXRAD issues.
    I will refrain from any further comment.

    • John Zimmerman
      John Zimmerman says:


      I apologize for the problems you’ve had–it’s been a major disappointment for us as well. If you would like to return your Dual XGPS170, let us know.


  5. Erick C.
    Erick C. says:

    I have to admit this mess is making Foreflight look pretty smart. I thought their line about “we only work with the Stratus because we want to make sure it works right” was BS. But it’s looking more and more reasonable. Maybe they’re right.

    Surprised Dual has been so quiet here too. Hilton has been engaged, but I haven’t heard a peep from e guys who make the box.

  6. Capt Gary
    Capt Gary says:

    As of May 31, 2013.. Any updates to this issue? I am currently on a 30 day pass on WingX Pro & really like the program. Very user friendly. I am planning on the next step of getting a “box”.. Which Box?
    Dual, Levil? ???

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