How to mount your iPhone in the cockpit

The larger iPhone 7, 8 and X models are finding a home in many cockpits, as pilots come to appreciate larger screens on these new phones. Regardless of how you use your iPhone, it's smart to secure it in the cockpit. Here are a few options from RAM and MyGoFlight that offer convenient ways to keep them stable.

Bad Elf simplifies avionics database updates

Bad Elf recently partnered with Jeppesen to develop a new method to wirelessly update avionics database cards without having to leave the airplane. This uses the new Jeppesen JDM app for iPhone/iPad and Bad Elf's new Wombat media transfer device.
Stratus 3 on dash

Which ADS-B receiver should I buy?

A common question we get at iPad Pilot News lately: "which ADS-B receiver should I buy?" With all the options (over a dozen at last count), it's easy to get confused. Here, we'll try to offer a practical guide to choosing the right ADS-B receiver. We will focus on the most popular models.

Garmin introduces new ADS-B receiver, expands Flight Stream

Garmin has introduced multiple portable weather receivers over the last six months, including the GDL 51 SiriusXM receiver and the GDL 52 SiriusXM/ADS-B receiver. Now the GDL family is complete, with the introduction of the GDL 50 - an ADS-B, GPS, AHRS unit with an 8-hour battery.

Flying with the Garmin GDL 52 ADS-B and SiriusXM receiver

ADS-B or SiriusXM? Now pilots don't have to choose, with the introduction of Garmin's new GDL 52. This all-in-one device includes ADS-B weather, dual band ADS-B traffic, SiriusXM weather, SiriusXM radio, GPS, and AHRS for backup attitude. 

2018 iPad kneeboard buyer’s guide

iPad kneeboards have evolved from very simple designs over the years to full-featured cockpit organization systems. Here we'll take a look at all the offerings, both basic and advanced, to help you decide the model that will work best for your type of flying.
RAM EZ-Roll'r

New mount, kneeboard options for the iPad Pro 10.5″

There are a number of options available, but not every iPad Air or iPad Pro 9.7" accessory works with the larger 10.5" size so you'll want to pay attention when you're shopping. Fortunately, some new mounts and kneeboards are now available. Let's review the options.

How to choose the best GPS for your iPad

GPS position makes an iPad so much more useful in flight - moving maps, terrain alerts, and so much more become available. But how do you add GPS to your iPad? Does it already have one built in? What are the options for external receivers? We answer those questions and offer our two top choices.

How do I mount the iPad in my airplane?

Securing your iPad while you fly is important for both safety and convenience. Here we'll review the mounts currently available for the iPad Mini, Air and Pro, including which models work best in various airplane types and configurations.

Upgrade your iPad and pilot gear with these holiday specials

Do you have your eye on a new iPad, or possibly an ADS-B receiver for the cockpit? This is the best time of the year to find some great deals on the latest iPads and aviation accessories to take your electronic flight bag to the next level.