Battery pack

Updated Flight Gear battery pack adds features, cuts size

Keeping all your portable devices charged in the cockpit isn't easy. Our favorite option for the last few years has been a sleek white battery brick from Flight Gear, and now an updated version is available. The Flight Gear Battery Pack is 20% smaller than the preceding generation and still just half an inch thick, but it packs 20,000 mAh of power. There's even a new organizer case.
Roll-up organizer

New roll-up organizer contains your charging accessories

The growing popularity of portable electronic devices means a growing stash of charging cables, cigarette lighter plugs, and battery packs. Before long, the bottom of your flight bag can look like a giant bowl of spaghetti. A new roll-up organizer is a simple but surprisingly helpful tool to combat this disorganization. 

Portable ADS-B and SiriusXM receiver buyer’s guide

For the price of a few flight lessons, you can have in-flight weather (ADS-B or SiriusXM), GPS, traffic, flight data recorder and a backup attitude/heading display, all on your iPad. There are a lot of options out there, so we assembled this buyer's guide to help you sort out the details, with updated information covering ForeFlight's new Sentry Plus.
Charging cable with screen

New charging cables include status screen

Charging cables used to be simple: buy one with a Lightning connector and plug it into your iPad. But since the early days of tablets, things have become much more complicated. We've recently been flying with some new cables that finally solve this problem, and add some helpful features as well.
Sentry Plus ADS-B Receiver by ForeFlight

ForeFlight launches next generation Sentry ADS-B receiver

Now there’s a new top dog in the portable weather receiver market, with the introduction of Sentry Plus. While slightly larger than the original Sentry, it’s still a compact and lightweight device that easily mounts on a side window via a suction cup. In addition to popular features like datalink weather and traffic, Sentry Plus includes some thoughtful upgrades and performance enhancements. Here’s a look at some of the new features.
Bivy app screens

Bivy Stick offers new option for in-flight messaging

A portable satellite communicator is ideal for updating friends and family when your ETA changes or for tracking flights in remote areas. Now there's a new player in this market. ACR Electronics, a well-known manufacturer of personal locator beacons, has launched the Bivy Stick.
Garmin Pilot emergency mode

Using the Garmin D2 Mach 1 smartwatch with Garmin Pilot and inReach

Garmin's latest smartwatch for pilots, the D2 Mach 1, is loaded with all the advanced features you'd expect from an industry-leading avionics company: GPS, moving map, pulse oximeter, altimeter, fitness tracking, and smartphone notifications. But the watch also is another node in Garmin's Connext platform, which ties together multiple devices in the cockpit, from iPad apps to panel avionics.
RAM leg mount

RAM introduces iPad mini 6 cradle and leg mount

Since launching in September 2021, the iPad mini 6 has quickly become the most popular tablet among pilots. RAM recently introduced two new products to help secure it in flight: a perfect-fit cradle and a leg mount. Here's flight test report.

Flying with ForeFlight and Garmin Flight Stream

Garmin's connected panel system works seamlessly with ForeFlight, allowing you to send flight plan updates, ADS-B weather/traffic, GPS, AHRS and more from your installed avionics wirelessly to your iPad. Here's a look at what components are required and how to use each of the features.

Pilot’s guide to the iPad connected panel

There are many connected panel systems available today which allow you to wirelessly connect your iPad to panel-mount GPS and ADS-B receivers. Here's a rundown of all the aftermarket GA avionics options and mobile app compatibility with each.

Use the Robust clamp to mount your iPad in multiple locations

Finding the right hardware to mount your iPad or iPhone in the cockpit can be challenging. Fortunately, Robust offers several universal options designed for any size iPad or iPhone and can be mounted in multiple places in the cockpit.
Desk mount for tablet

Four new iPad accessories for pilots

As any experienced iPad pilot knows, a few good accessories can make your tablet easier to use, more reliable, and more powerful. Here's a roundup of some new products that fit that description, from mounts to charging tools.