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RAM introduces iPad mini 6 cradle and leg mount

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Since launching in September 2021, the iPad mini 6 has quickly become the most popular tablet among pilots. It combines a vivid screen and powerful processor with the perfect case size for small cockpits. While it may not be quite as powerful as the latest iPad Pro models, the mini 6 has all the performance a pilot could need for ForeFlight or Garmin Pilot, at an attractive price.

Securing that tablet in the airplane is always an important consideration, and there are finally some good options. We previously covered the X-Naut Cooling Case, which has built-in fans to keep the iPad cool. The universal fit mounts from Robust are another great option, especially if you have a case on your tablet.

Completing the selection, RAM recently introduced its perfect-fit cradle for the mini 6. This custom-molded cradle offers a low profile mount, taking up less space in the cockpit and holding firm. It does not work with cases, but it does have a handy spot to store an Apple Pencil. The perfect fit cradle costs $24.95 and is compatible with all other RAM mounts, using the standard 1″ ball on the back. This includes yoke mounts and suction cup mounts, two very popular options.

Mini 6 mount

If you don’t like the yoke or suction cup options, RAM also offers a unique leg mount solution. This essentially turns a standard RAM cradle into a kneeboard, using two leg straps and a 1″ mounting ball. From there, you can add a RAM arm and then use any RAM cradle (including the one mentioned above). IN the picture below we are using a short arm.

RAM leg mount

We’ve tested this setup and it works—there is some configuration to get the leg straps just right and get the arm installed. Once the arm is tightened up, the iPad holds very steady and can be adjusted for the perfect angle. Like all RAM Mounts, the result is a very rugged solution. However, it’s worth pointing out that the connecting arm adds a fair amount of height to the system. In many airplanes this will block the yoke, so we would not recommend this for takeoff and landing. Once in cruise, it works well.

RAM leg mount with iPad

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  1. Rick Peterson
    Rick Peterson says:

    Is there a way to modify the RAM case so that I can run a screen protector without it pinching in the corners that stuff into the 2 pockets?
    This seems like a terrible oversight.

    Also, I’d like much less tension on the roller. I’m afraid it will crack the case on my ipad 11 Pro.

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