Roll-up organizer

New roll-up organizer contains your charging accessories

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The growing popularity of portable electronic devices means a growing stash of charging cables, cigarette lighter plugs, and battery packs. Before long, the bottom of your flight bag can look like a giant bowl of spaghetti. When you need the USB-C cable but all you can find is the USB-A cable, it can quickly get frustrating.

A new roll-up organizer from Flight Gear is a simple but surprisingly helpful tool to combat this disorganization. It includes four sections, with a combination of organization features specifically made for different items.

  • Two mesh zippered pockets are sized for cigarette lighter plugs or small adapters
  • Six elastic straps keep your charging cables secure and tangle-free
  • Two larger pockets with elastic tops offer quick access to wall charging plugs
  • A full-length, zippered mesh pocket is perfectly sized for backup battery packs

Loading up this organizer adds some bulk, but each item is separated so it stays organized.

Roll up organizer

As you roll up the organizer, you’ll notice a convenient pass-through hole for a charging cable. This makes it easy to fold the organizer in half but still use a battery pack to charge a phone or tablet.

Pass through charging

When everything is in place, simply roll up the four panels into a 9.5″l x 5″w case. It fits easily in a flight bag, backpack, or briefcase. An attached bungee cord makes it easy to cinch everything down and keep the organizer rolled up.

Roll up organizer

The Flight Gear Roll-Up Organizer is available for $19.95, and has found a permanent home in our backpack. Whether we are flying GA or airline, it’s our all-in-one charging center.