How to choose the best GPS for your iPad

GPS position makes an iPad so much more useful in flight - moving maps, terrain alerts, and so much more become available. But how do you add GPS to your iPad? Does it already have one built in? What are the options for external receivers? We answer those questions and offer our two top choices.

iPad screen protectors – which one is best for pilots?

Screen glare is a persistent problem for pilots flying with the iPad, but an anti-reflective screen protector can cut down on this significantly. To help illustrate its effectiveness, we installed MyGoFlight's ArmorGlas on a new iPad 9.7" on a bright sunny day to see how it did next to a 2nd iPad without a screen protector.

New X-Naut cooling case introduced for iPad Pro 10.5″

We first reviewed the X-Naut Cooling Case in 2016, finding it to be a thoughtfully-designed solution to a persistent problem: overheating tablets in the cockpit. While the original two models accomodate the iPad Pro 9.7", iPad Air, and iPad Mini, there was no option for our preferred iPad model in the cockpit - the iPad Pro 10.5". Now the company has introduced a solution made just for that.

Tips for flying with the Garmin D2 Delta and Garmin Pilot

Smartwatches continue to be a big hit with pilots as they've become more and more useful in the cockpit. Here we'll take a look at how to use the new Garmin D2 Delta PX watch, including how to use it with the Garmin Pilot app and take advantage of the new pulse oximeter feature.

Garmin inReach Mini offers compact way to text and track

Last year we did an extended test with the inReach satellite communicator, an established product from Delorme that Garmin had recently acquired. Overall we liked it, as it offered a relatively affordable and portable way to add some connectivity in the cockpit. Now there's a new, smaller option: the inReach Mini.

ForeFlight adds support for Garmin GDL 50, 51, and 52

A new generation of portable weather receivers has hit the market over the last year, with new hardware from Appareo, Garmin, and uAvionix offering new features and (in general) lower prices. ForeFlight recently announced support for the latest receivers from Garmin, which means new options for pilots - especially in the world of satellite weather.

Product PIREP video: ForeFlight Sentry ADS-B Receiver

ForeFlight introduced Sentry at EAA AirVenture 2018, and the small ADS-B receiver has found a following since then. At $499, it's a good value and packs a lot of features into a small device. We took it flying in a Cirrus SR22 to see how it performs, and to compare it to Stratus 3, the other popular ADS-B receiver for ForeFlight.

Portable ADS-B and SiriusXM receiver buyer’s guide

Today's portable weather accessories for iPad have evolved from basic ADS-B receivers to sophisticated, multi-sensor devices capable of providing in-flight information that rivals many panel-mount avionics systems. There are a lot of options out there, so we assembled this buyer's guide to help you sort out the details.

Flying with Garmin’s Flight Stream 510

Garmin is continuing its relentless push for a connected cockpit, with avionics and apps that allow a wide variety of portable and panel-mount products to sync up. The latest (and greatest) offering is the Flight Stream 510, a tiny card that unlocks an impressive number of features. We recently flew with it and the latest version of the Garmin Pilot app and came away very impressed. Here's a detailed review.

Product PIREP video: Flight Gear Battery Pack

Keeping all your electronic devices charged in the cockpit is a continual struggle for many pilots. Between an iPad (or two), an iPhone, an ADS-B receiver and passenger needs, the power requirements can be quite high. A new battery pack from Flight Gear solves this problem and is specifically made for pilots. We went flying with it to see what it can do.