Garmin Pilot 9.1 adds new StreetMap layer and global winds aloft

Garmin released the latest version of their flagship EFB app for iPhone and iPad, adding a new Street Map layer, worldwide winds aloft on the map, expanded aircraft library and a new Connext devices status page. Here's a quick look at each new feature and where to find it.

New EFB guidance allows commercial operators to display own-ship on iPad in flight

The FAA released an updated Advisory Circular for pilots flying with an iPad in commercial operations that now permits the display of aircraft position on the moving map while in flight.

AirText offers new option for in-flight connectivity

A new option was recently introduced that attempts to bridge this gap between $100,000 connectivity systems and portable Iridium messengers. AirText is FAA-approved and permanently-installed, but is easy to install and has affordable data plans. Here's our pilot report after 5 months of flying with it.

Dust off your iPad’s podcast app and learn something new

There's a good chance you have a very useful app currently installed on your iPhone or iPad that you didn't know existed, which delivers new aviation content daily to your devices. Here we'll show what it can do and how to take advantage of it as a pilot.
Bad Elf Pro+ GPS

iOS 11.1 fixes high-speed GPS bug

After thoroughly testing the latest iOS 11.1 update, ForeFlight and Bad Elf are reporting that the GPS bug affecting jet operators flying at speeds over 300 knots has been fixed.

How pilots can use iOS 11’s new screenshot tool

With Apple's big iOS 11 update, screenshots have moved from a hack to a fully developed tool. You may have noticed a new look when you took your last screenshot. Here's what's new and how to take advantage of the latest features.

A peek into the future: using mobile devices for IFR clearance delivery

MITRE has been working on a project that demonstrates the viability of a mobile device-based service that allows pilots to consistently obtain a text-based IFR clearance electronically without verbal communication with ATC at both towered and non-towered airports.
Jepp STAR on ForeFlight

ForeFlight celebrates ten years – what comes next?

We recently visited ForeFlight's Austin office and sat down with Tim Schuetze, Executive Vice President of Strategy and Business Development. We asked Schuetze about the major areas of focus for the company, what comes next, and how they maintain quality as they grow.

Garmin releases G500 TXi trainer app

Garmin recently announced their next-generation retrofit flight display, the G500 and G600 TXi. Garmin also simultaneously released a free trainer app for iPad that allows pilots to fully interact with the system's PFD, MFD and engine monitoring display.

iOS Update Green Light program: iOS 11.1.2

Apple recently released iOS 11.1.2, which addresses a bug that caused some iPhone X displays to become temporarily unresponsive when exposed to cold temperatures. As with all iOS updates, we strongly suggest that you hold off on updating your devices until your aviation app and accessory developers have time to test compatibility with the new software.