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When you’re flying long cross-country flights or variable routes due to challenging weather, it pays to have an orderly way to charge electronics. In fact, a depleted battery is one of the few issues we’ve ever had with an iPad. That’s why we love this new charging kit—it provides everything you need to keep all your devices topped off, from iPad to iPhone to ADS-B receiver. With a powerful battery pack, rugged charging cables, and a custom organizer case, it’s a must-have for any flight beyond the traffic pattern.

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  1. Reuven Silberman
    Reuven Silberman says:

    So I fly for a whole bunch of time, deplete the battery of my ipad and Flight Gear charger and I am now in the hotel room. How do I charge up the Flight Gear battery??? There are a bunch of 120V plugs in the room but no way to use them!!!!!

    • John Zimmerman
      John Zimmerman says:

      That’s the great thing about this battery. First, it’ll probably take three weeks of flying to run the battery all the way down. But when you do need to recharge it, you already have the cable – grab the Lightning cable you used to charge your iPad or the USB-C cable you used to charge your Sentry and turn it around to charge the battery. All you need is a USB charging port, which many hotels now have built into nightstands. If not, use a USB wall plug, like you have for your phone or iPad.

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