Video: Sentry ADS-B Receivers for ForeFlight – comparing all three models

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Sentry is a family of compact, affordable ADS-B receivers specifically made for ForeFlight. In addition to popular features like subscription-free weather and traffic, some Sentry models also include a carbon monoxide detector to warn of dangerous conditions in the cockpit and an automatic flight data recorder. In this side-by-side comparison, Sporty’s  President, John Zimmerman, walks through the three different models of Sentry and explains what each can do and how to choose the right one.

All Sentry models (Sentry Mini, Sentry, and Sentry Plus) include weather, traffic, and GPS. Sentry adds a 12-hour battery, AHRS, and carbon monoxide detector while Sentry Plus includes all of the Sentry featurtes plus an 18-hour battery, display screen, G-meter, and flight data recorder.


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