Stratus Insight Adds Smart Traffic Filtering

2 min read

After buying Aerovie in 2019, it took nearly a year for Appareo, maker of the popular Stratus line of ADS-B receivers, to show us what they were working on.  Aerovie had a small but loyal following, and was known for some innovative features. Last summer Appareo officially launched Stratus Insight, a significantly upgraded version of the Aerovie app. You can read our full review here. Now, the latest update to the app adds some unique and helpful options to display real time traffic.

ADS-B traffic filtering is a new feature in Stratus Insight that gives users granular control over what traffic targets are displayed on the map view. Don’t forget, you must pair your iPad with an ADS-B receiver to see traffic inflight. In spite of what you might think, the app is not limited to Stratus ADS-B receivers. It also works with devices from Dual Electronics, Levil Aviation, Open Flight Solutions, and others (although not Sentry or Garmin GDL devices). It also integrates with Avidyne and Dynon panel avionics.

Once connected and receiving ADS-B data, you’ll notice a new button labeled “targets” that displays the total number of ADS-B traffic targets that the app is currently tracking.

If you tap on this button it will filter out distance traffic based on certain range and altitude plus or minus from your aircraft’s current position and altitude. There are three levels of filtration: 20nm and +/- 15k feet, 10nm and +/- 10k feet, and unrestricted which displays all targets the application is monitoring no matter their distance. A simple tap of the “targets” button will cycle through each filter level. Regardless or which filter you have selected, the “targets” button will continue to display the total number or targets received from ADS-B. Once a filtering level is selected, your preference is saved and will automatically be set in subsequent sessions.

Additionally the app has the option for custom traffic filtering by searching for specific targets using the search box at the top. Enter a search criteria and the app will only display those matching targets for a call sign or registration. In this example “AAL” is entered, the target button turns red, and all American Airlines flights will be displayed. This could be especially handy if you listen in on a PIREP or traffic report and would like to know where they are currently located and if it might affect your route of flight. Once the search is cleared, the filter will go back to the last setting that you had specified.

Stratus Insight is free to download from the App Store, and works with iOS 11.4 and later (there is no Android app at this time). After the 30-day free trial, a subscription is required to unlock most features, which costs $9.99/month or $99.99/year.