ADS-B coverage map

New ADS-B stations go live

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The new Stratus weather receiver generated a lot of interest at the recent Sun ‘n Fun Fly-in in Florida. It uses ADS-B to deliver in-flight weather to the iPad, without a monthly subscription fee. One of the questions that first comes up is, “when will my area get ADS-B coverage?” The good news is that much of the US is already covered (see map). In addition, the FAA is rapidly building out the ADS-B ground network, and full coverage of the US is expected in 2013. The project is actually ahead of schedule.

ADS-B coverage map

Current ADS-B coverage is quite good (map shows coverage at roughly 1000 ft. AGL).

Recently, a host of new stations came on line:

  • Andrews AFB (ADW)
  • Austin (AUS)
  • Baltimore (BWI)
  • Columbus (CSG)
  • Corpus Christi (CRP)
  • Dallas/Ft. Worth (DFW)
  • Dulles (IAD)
  • El Paso (ELP)
  • Harlingen (HRL)
  • Lynchburg (LYH)
  • Midland (MAF)
  • Patuxent River NA (NHK)
  • Reagan National (DCA)
  • Roswell (ROW)
  • San Angelo (Mathis) (SJT)
  • San Antonio (SAT)

When the entire ADS-B system is complete, coverage will look like this:

ADS-B coverage map, final

Sporty’s is hosting a free webinar on ADS-B, coming up on April 19. The hour-long presentation will cover ADS-B basics, current regulations and more information on the Stratus. Register here.

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  1. drew gillett
    drew gillett says:

    braindead in vt
    what gives with current blue nmap showing coverage at 1000, but ultimate showing coverage at 1800? which is less?

      • John Zimmerman
        John Zimmerman says:

        No, he’s right. The second map shows blue areas where coverage is at 1800 ft.

        Drew, to answer your question, the FAA’s map is what they’re guaranteeing. In our experience, you get a station below what the FAA shows.

  2. Stu Landrum
    Stu Landrum says:

    Curious that the the last section to be built out is tornado alley, but the southwest part of the US with continous VFR weather is completely covered.

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