Missed the iPad seminar at Sun ‘n Fun last week? Review it here

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Hundreds attended the iPad seminar at Sun 'n Fun in Florida last week

Hundreds of Sun ‘n Fun attendees packed into Bret Koebbe’s “Flying with the iPad” seminar last week at the 2012 Sun ‘n Fun event in Lakeland, Florida, to learn all about the iPad. Bret covered the following topics in this popular iPad presentation for pilots:

  • iPad 101 – which model to buy and how to get apps
  • Making the most of the iPad on the ground for maintenance tracking, logbooks and document management
  • How to preflight the iPad
  • Using the iPad for digital charts and in-flight navigator
  • A sneak peek at Stratus, the new portable ADS-B in-flight weather receiver for ForeFlight
  • Review of the latest iPad accessories, including options for mounting the iPad in the cockpit
  • Tips & Tricks for making the most of the iPad in the air

We’ve posted the presentation slides here for those that were not able to attend the seminar in person (this does not contain an audio recording of the presentation, so you’ll need to manually advance the slides):

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  1. John Battell
    John Battell says:

    You would think that someone would have had enough smarts to record the audio and post it here to go with the slides! The slides without the audio are not worth much.

  2. Peg Ballou
    Peg Ballou says:

    This seminar was the “must see” at SNF this year. Folks were absolutely irate when they were shut out due to “standing room only” status. We staked out a spot in the larger cafeteria on Friday, and were well rewarded with lots of information. My husband had discovered most of the “tricks” but we found a few tidbits that we put to use asap.

  3. Duane Pickel
    Duane Pickel says:

    I was ther but the instructor did not show up….Classroom was full and waited until someone came and stated the instructor did not show..

  4. Jeff
    Jeff says:

    I went to this presentation on Friday at Sun n Fun. Apparently the folks at SNF misprinted the forum schedule earlier in the week, which made a lot of people mad when they realized they showed up on the wrong day. Good information though, keep it coming

  5. Cliff Chetwin
    Cliff Chetwin says:

    Does anyone know if the 10,000′ limitation noted in the slide show is for real? I just bought an Ipad 3 and intend to match it with a Stratus unit but out here in the mountain west 10,000′ isn’t much above pattern altitude. Have I bought a pig in a poke?

    • Chris
      Chris says:

      If you watch the webinar archive. Its says that 10,000 feet is a cooling limitation, but will practically work to the flight levels, but to consider your back-up options more carefully if you are flying at those altitudes.

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