iPad essential tip: how to search your iPad for apps


Most pilots have a large number of apps on their iPads, often requiring 3 or more screens to store them all. Having the ability to organize them into folders is nice, but have you ever been in a situation where know you downloaded an app but can’t seem to find it?

That’s where the iPad (or iPhone) Spotlight Search function can come in handy. To access the search function from the home screen, unlock your device swipe from left to right on your iPad home screen. This will display the iPad app widgets screen, with a Search field at the top. Tap once in the search bar and start typing the name of the app you’re looking for, and you will immediately see top matches. Tap the name or icon of the app from the results list and it will instantly launch. If you look to the right of the app name you’ll see the name of the folder that contains the app, which is helpful if you forgot where you put it.

You can also use the Spotlight Search to quickly access contacts from your address book, music, videos, events, mail and more. And at the bottom of the results, you’ll see an option to search the Web or Wikipedia for the keyword you entered. This will launch Safari and use your default search engine to perform a web search.

The Spotlight Search is a very simple yet powerful tool on your iPad. If you’re a fast typer you may find it faster to do a quick search for an app by entering just a few letters of the app’s name to find and launch it, instead of swiping across multiple screens and digging through folders. Every second counts in the airplane!


  1. I tried your suggestion on finding apps & it works unless u have 2 apps with the same first name. Then it doesn’t show the folder that they’re in.

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