Mount and kneeboard options for the iPad Pro 10.5″


The iPad Pro 10.5″ has quickly established itself as the best iPad yet for pilots. We’ve been flying with it for three months now and we love it. The combination of a bright, large, low-glare screen and a lightning-fast processor makes it a reliable everyday electronic flight bag.

How to secure this new iPad in the cockpit isn’t so simple. There are a number of options available, but not every iPad Air or iPad Pro 9.7″ accessory works with the larger 10.5″ size. Let’s review the options.


RAM spring-loaded iPad cradle
RAM’s spring-loaded iPad cradle works well with the 10.5″ iPad Pro, even with a case on.

The most popular iPad mountain option is RAM’s EZ-Roll’r cradle, a form-fitting cradle that perfectly fits an iPad without a case. While RAM is working on one of these for the new iPad Pro 10.5″ it is not yet available. However, two other RAM cradles are compatible and they work well.

First is the spring-loaded 10″ tablet cradle. This expands to fit any tablet between 8.5″ and 10.75″ high, and will accommodate tablets up to 0.56″ thick. Kits are available with suction cup and yoke mounts, or you can buy the cradle by itself for $33.95.

The other option is the 10″ X-Grip from RAM, which is another style of spring-loaded cradle. This is an easy, one-handed mechanism that grabs the iPad (with or without a case) using four rubber fingers. It’s pretty handy, but the mount ends up being fairly large and heavy. Again, there are suction cup and yoke mount kits, or you can buy the cradle by itself for $78.95.

Finally, MyGoFlight offers a universal tablet mount that works with virtually any size tablet. The cradle is available individually for $119; you can also buy a complete suction cup or yoke mount kit.


iPad kneeboard
The Flight Gear HP iPad Kneeboard works with the iPad Pro 10.5″ but it’s a tight fit.

The good news is that basically every iPad Air/Pro 9.7″ kneeboard will fit the new 10.5″ iPad Pro. The bad news is that it’s a fairly tight fit. So while there are some good options, they only work if your iPad is out of its case, and you’ll want to be careful when you set it up.

  • Flight Gear Rotating Kneeboard – this simple kneeboard holds the iPad on your leg and allows it to rotate. The attachment mechanism is four elastic straps on the corners.
  • Flight Gear HP iPad Kneeboard – like the rotating model, this kneeboard uses four elastic straps to hold the iPad securely to the kneeboard. These can stretch to accommodate the iPad Pro 10.5″ but it will be a tight fit.
  • Flight Outfitters Kneeboard – this deluxe model uses the same elastic straps at the corners, but adds on some molded plastic clips to hold the corners down. The iPad Pro 10.5″ fits in here reasonably well, but it takes a delicate touch to keep from breaking the hardware when you install the iPad.
  • MyGoFlight Folio C Kneeboard – much like the Flight Outfitters kneeboard, MyGoFlight uses four plastic clips attached to elastic strap. Again, we’ve used it with the iPad Pro 10.5″ and it fits, but you’ll want to be careful with the plastic clips to make sure they aren’t damaged by the tight fit.

One kneeboard that fits the new iPad perfectly, without any concerns about a tight fit, is the MyClip. This simple kneeboard uses two rubber grips attached to a wide elastic strap, and works great.

Stay tuned on this subject – we would expect updated designs to be available later this year that are specifically made for the latest iPad Pro model.


  1. I’m waiting so badly for a good kneeboard like the MyGoFlight model. As a student I think it’s very useful to have a surface to write besides the iPad holder. That model accomplishes everything but I’m going to wait for the one that will fit perfectly.

  2. In my opinion, the spring loaded iPad mount is a terrible choice for the iPad Pro 10.5. I bought one, and it is cavernous. The depth leaves almost an inch between the front of the screen and front of the bracket. The flanges are also too big, making it very difficult to access the home key. Depending on angle of view, it also cuts off some of the screen. The width is almost 2 inches wider than it needs to be, blocking views of my panel unnecessarily. I just returned mine. Unfortunately, RAM still hasn’t come out with an iPad Pro 10.5 compatible EZ Roll’r (which I have used with my old iPad Air 2 and loved). I might just modify my old one (it’s about 1/2 inch too short) until the new one is available.