Video tip: How to file ICAO flight plans using the Garmin Pilot app

1 min read

Most pilots today use the domestic flight plan form to file VFR, DVFR and IFR flight plans. The actual filing procedure has evolved over the years from pilots filling out these forms and handing them directly to an FSS briefer, to calling in the information to a briefer over the phone, to today’s modern system of submitting it directly from an iPad app.

For better or worse, the FAA is doing away with this form and will soon start requiring all pilots to use the ICAO flight plan form when submitting flight plans when flying in the U.S. This was supposed to happen back in 2015, but software discrepancies and FAA implementation issues have delayed the changeover.

Even though the mandate is not yet officially in place, pilots are still encouraged to start using the ICAO flight plan form now in their favorite mobile app to get ready for the switch. To get familiar with the process, check out this new video from Garmin covering how to set up your detailed airplane profile and file an ICAO flight plan from the Garmin Pilot app: